Letters to the editor – Monday (12-01-08)

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 1, 2008

‘Edifice’ complex surfaces again
When elected officials are given options, never doubt that their choice will be for the one that involves a large bronze plaque with their names on it. School officials claim the 42,600-square-foot Winn-Dixie building is not big enough. They would need a 16,000-square-foot addition to house their administrative staff. If it takes 58,600 square feet of office space to house them, it is not a question of insufficient space, but of excess staff. Have they hired any consultants to explore that option?
On the other hand, if we give them a shiny new building of “only” 48,000 square feet, it would suffice. They could do without the other 10,800 square feet if the space was brand new and had that big bronze plaque with their names on it.
Then comes the question of cost. We are told that remodeling an existing building with existing extensive parking would cost from $6 million to $9 million. A range with a 50 percent spread suggests a wild guess, not an estimate. “Estimates” of the cost of a new building are, of course, much lower. And they expect the gullible public to believe them.
ó Joe Roberts
So many ways to help others
Times are tough for everyone this year, but we still need to focus on our blessings. If you’re employed, you’re blessed. If you’re current on your mortgage, you’re blessed. If you can pay your bills on time, you’re blessed. If you still have food and shelter, you’re blessed. If you’re surrounded by people who love and support you, you are more than blessed.
We all have something to be grateful for, even in difficult times. And as we remember our blessings, there’s no better way to show our gratitude than to help others. I challenge each of you to do something for someone else. As you pass the Salvation Army kettles, throw in your pocket change. Or clean your closets and take a bag of clothes to one of their stores. They’re a great organization that does a lot of good in the community.
All the food banks (like Second Harvest) and homeless shelters desperately need canned and dry goods. Even if it’s just a couple of cans, it will be greatly appreciated. The Salvation Army and Nazareth Children’s Home (among others) have angel trees where you can pick a child’s name and give them a Merry Christmas!
One of the things I’m doing is the “Santa For Seniors” tree. Walgreens stores in Salisbury are putting up trees with needy seniors. All they ask for are basic necessities like lotion, throws, slippers and toiletries. Nothing extravagant.
Another suggestion: Every time you go to the store, buy a toy for the Toys For Tots bin! It could be a simple $1 item.
As an animal lover, I’m a big supporter of the Humane Society. If you can’t give a pet a home, you can still donate bagged or canned food!
It’s my goal to do as many of these things as possible, and I hope you join me.
ó Tammy Walser