Gallagher column: Confusion … after the game

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 1, 2008

You sat there in front of your television sets late Friday night, glad you were inside and glad you could get the score of the West Rowan-Carver playoff game.
And there it was on the screen:
Carver 20, West Rowan 16.Aw, shucks. Well, it was a good run by the Falcons, anyway.
In fact, on one of the Charlotte stations, we heard an expert say he was expecting a Western final between No. 1 West Rowan and No. 2 South Point … but West had a good season.
“I knew who won ó at least, I thought I did,” West coach Scott Young joked on Monday afternoon. “I had to wake up the next morning and make sure.”
Most of the newspapers and TV stations across the state used the Associated Press final. It had been called in with the score reversed.
The Salisbury Post was lucky. We were there.
So imagine the befuddled looks on the faces of some coffee drinkers Saturday morning when we reported that West had indeed won.
“They just messed up,” Young said. “Everybody got it wrong.”
South Rowan coach Jason Rollins received a call from brother, Chip, who is the South Point Boosters Club president.
He was curious about who really won the West Rowan-Carver game.
“I told him West won,” Jason said. “He kept asking me, ‘Are you sure?’ ”

Young was also confused as soon as the game ended. He heard South Point beat Asheville 28-0. He also heard Asheville won, 17-14.
Two conflicting scores in the same bracket.
Young said he really didn’t think John DeVine’s South Point coaches cared who won in Mount Ulla.
“On one hand, they probably would’ve loved to have Carver win so they could host it at home,” Young said. “On the other hand, they’re looking forward to traveling and coming up and seeing what kind of football team we have.
“They have a lot of confidence in their team and their staff, and for good reason. I think they have the mindset that it really doesn’t matter.”

When Young climbed out of bed on Saturday, he wasn’t nearly as heated over the media reporting his season was over as he was by the attitudes of his fans. You know, the winning fans.
“Sometimes, I feel we have a home disadvantage,” Young said. “About three times during the game, our kids were actually booed.”
When Jon Crucitti made a fair catch on a punt, he received an earful.
“It was a punt where we rushed 10 people,” Young said. “He had no blockers. What’s he supposed to do?”
The boo-birds came back out when quarterback B.J. Sherrill. threw a bad pass.
“They booed B.J. for throwing a ball very high,” Young said. “I promise you that B.J. didn’t mean to miss that pass. He just did.”
Young said “I can’t stand the ignorance of people booing kids when they’re doing what they’re supposed to.”
He then sounded like Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy, who went off on a reporter last season.
“We, as coaches, can take it. We’re men. But when they go to booing kids, it really aggravates me.”
Last week, West had its best playoff crowd of the season. Young expects a throng this week.
“I think we’ll have a crowd on Friday unlike any we’ve ever seen. Traditionally, South Point travels very well ó by the thousands. West Rowan will make a little money. South Point will make a little money. And the state will make a lot of money.”
And Young has one piece of advice for the fans on the home side.
“Don’t boo our kids. Cheer our kids.”

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