Marsh column: Where you can wrestle

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 30, 2008

Q. We just moved in this area and are interested in a wrestling program, does the YMCA offer wrestling?
A. Believe it or not, with all the programs we run we do not run a wrestling program. I don’t know if they still take applications but Salisbury Parks and Recreation does run a great wrestling program which just started.
Call Tim Pitman at Halls gym 704-638-5289 and he will be able to answer whether your child can still join.
Since this is a short answer to this question, I am going to add two strength workouts; one using your own body to strengthen and one using weights.
Non-weights workout
Warm-up and stretch
Perform the following group of exercises three times. Rest 15-30 seconds after each combination.
– 10-20 push-ups
– 25 jumping jacks
– 10-20 Burpees (standing drop into a push-up position, do a push up, jump up and jump up high).
– 25 side to side jumps, feet together.
– 10-20 pull ups
– 25 front-to-back jumps, feet together.
– 10-20 push ups with a clap (after you push up, clap hands before you go into a push up again).
– 25 jump rope with jump rope or just the move.
– Abdominal exercise with obliques. 25 reps each, three sets
– Stretch.
Weight workout
Warm up and stretch
Perform one to two days per week with at least one day of rest between weight workouts. Two to three sets of 8-10 repetitions.
– Bench press.
– Dead lift.
– One leg, leg curl.
– Bicep dumbbell curls.
– One leg, leg extension.
– Seated row.
– Shoulder external rotation. (Lie on side hold dumbbell in hand. Elbow is at 90 degrees. Slowly lift forearm by rotating the arm at the shoulder.)
– Abdominal exercise.
– Stretch.
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