Learning about science is more fun with MaxAxiom

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 26, 2008

By Amy Notarius
Rowan Public Library
Rowan Public Library has an exciting new way for young readers to learn about science.
Check out the “MaxAxiom, Super Scientist” series of graphic novels. Graphic novels use comic book-style illustrations to tell stories, and, in this case, to help explain scientific concepts like light, sound and magnetism.
After being struck by lightning, scientist Maxwell Axiom learns he has several super abilities, including the ability to shrink, travel through time and space and see with X-ray vision. Axiom gives readers a look inside the eye and ear, for example, to explain how we experience light and sound.
In “Adventures in Sound” by Emily Sohn, readers learn about vibrations when Axiom visits a construction worker who’s using a jackhammer. When Axiom goes deep-sea diving or rockets into space, readers learn how sound waves travel differently in different environments.
In “The Attractive Story of Magnetism” by Andrea Gianopoulos, Axiom explores how magnets work by looking at a compass, a powerful electromagnet and even a Maglev train. The text covers complex concepts without oversimplifying ó Axiom discusses a magnet’s atomic properties to explain how it works ó but the detailed drawings help to make these advanced concepts easier to understand.
Each volume includes a glossary, additional interesting facts and instructions for accessing a special Internet site readers can use to find out more on that topic. Other titles in the series include “The Illuminating World of Light” and “Investigating the Scientific Method.” Get a head start on your science assignments and check one out at Rowan Public Library today.
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