Letters to the editor – Monday (11-17-08)

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 16, 2008

Drug testing and welfare
I have some food for thought.?Let me preface this by stating I’m a registered Democrat (but vote for the person I feel will do the best job). I don’t have any issues with helping people who truly need help getting back on their feet (and not taking welfare benefits as a lifestyle).
However,?those of us who work for a living and pay all the taxes that pay for welfare generally have to undergo drug testing to earn and keep our jobs. Therefore, I believe those who are filing for welfare should also be drug tested prior to receiving anything. If someone can’t pass the drug test, then time should not even be wasted on filing paperwork to receive welfare!
If these people trying to get welfare do not pass the drug test, and they have children, well, then, that is a great start for Social Services to get involved, too,?isn’t it?
Shouldn’t we the people be able to make this decision since it is our money? I know many taxpaying citizens who feel this way. Yet, none of our elected officials is doing anything about this. I truly believe this issue (as well as many others) should be a matter we vote on to determine the outcome!
“We, the people” really need to be making these types of decisions by voting because our elected officials are not getting the job done! Something needs to change! We need to start making the changes?
ó GiGi Stirewalt