Lion’s Share Credit Union opens new headquarters

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 14, 2008

The new Lion’s Share Credit Union headquarters has opened next to the Food Lion headquarters.
It’s the latest milestone for the 26-year-old organization.
“This is a day we’ve been excited about for a long time,” said Lion’s Share Credit Union President/ CEO John McGrail, who followed Anna Kepley in that post.
McGrail also praised the staff for working hard to get the new facility open. “I basically gave them a day to get things running, and they did a wonderful job making it happen.”
The new facility serves as both the administrative headquarters and the credit union’s branch. The Salisbury-based grocery chain is the original sponsor of the credit union. In the years since, Food Lion has merged with Delhaize America, a Belgian-based grocery conglomerate with locations throughout out the eastern United States.
Food Lion CEO Rick Anicetti praised the credit union’s location choice and its commitment to employees of the company. “Part of creating a good associate (employee) experience is providing them with benefits that keep them motivated to stay at Food Lion,” Anicetti said. “The credit union is a big part of that experience.”
The credit union changed its name from Food Lion Credit Association Credit Union in 2007 shortly after it joined the Shared Branching Network.
“With Delhaize owning so many properties in other parts of the country, it was important for us to make these changes in order to gain more members throughout the company,” McGrail said.
“Whether the associate works at Sweetbay, Harvey’s, Bloom or Bottom Dollar, we want them to see us as their credit union รณ as their employee benefit.”
The new facility includes drive-through lanes.