Health inspection ratings

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 7, 2008

Health ratings
Rowan County’s report of establishment inspections, July- September.
Grade A
Restaurants, food stands, cafes, meal sites for the elderly, etc.:A&L Mini Mart, N. Main St., Faith; Accel, S. Salisbury Ave., Granite Quarry; Alli’s, Jake Alexander Blvd.; ALPHA, W. Main St., Rockwell; Applebee’s, Faith Rd.; Autumn Care, Bringle Ferry Rd.; Ballpark Concessions 1 & 2, Moose Rd., Kannapolis; Bangkok Garden, S. Main St.; Bebop’s, S. Main St.; Beijing Chinese, Freeland Dr.; Benchwarmers, E. Fisher St.; Best of Care Assisted Living, Northdale Ave., Kannapolis; Bethamy Retirement Center, N. Salisbury Ave., Spencer; Betty’s Bistro & Bakery, N. Main St., Kannapolis; Big Elm Nursing Center, W. A St., Kannapolis; Big Elm Retirement Center, Glenn Ave., Kannapolis; Blue Bay, E. Innes St., Statesville Blvd.; Bojangles, E. Innes St., Peeler Rd.; Brian Center Nursing Home, Statesville Blvd.; Brightmoor Nursing Home, W. Fisher St.; Britthaven, N. Cannon Blvd., Kannapolis; Buddy’s Tavern, Stokes Ferry Rd., New London; Burger King, E. Innes St., Jake Alexander Blvd., Salisbury, and N. Cannon Blvd., Kannapolis;
C’s BBQ and Family Restaurant, Statesville Blvd., Cleveland; CJ’s BBQ, Old Amity Hill Rd., Cleveland; CSC Café, Harrison Rd.; CW’s Café & Catering, Peeler Rd.; Calvary Lutheran Church Nutrition Site, 5th St., Spencer; Caniche Bake Shoppe & Tea Room, S. Main St.; Capriano’s Italian Cuisine, Faith Rd.; Care Inn for the Aged, Deal Rd., Mooresville; Carillon Assisted Living, Mooresville Rd.; Carolina BBQ, China Grove Hwy., Rockwell; Carriage Room, Statesville Blvd.; Cartucci’s, E. Fisher St.; Casa El Paisano, N. Main St., Kannapolis; Casa Grande, Klumac Rd.; Castaways Seafood & Oyster Bar, Barringer St.; Cat’s Café, E. Avalon Dr.; Catawba College Cafeteria, Canteen, W. Innes St.; Charlie’s Mart, Faith Rd.; Checkered Flag BBQ, S. Main St.; Cheeseman’s General Store, Old Beatty Ford Rd., Rockwell; Chic Fil A, E. Innes St., Jake Alexander Blvd.;
Chicken & Chips, Henderson St., E. Spencer; China Buffet, N. Arlington St.,; China Buffet, N. Cannon Blvd., Kannapolis; China Garden, Statesville Blvd., Cleveland; China Garden II, N. Main St., China Grove; China Garden III, N. Salisbury Ave., Granite Quarry; China Grove Retirement Center, S. Main St., China Grove; China Kitchen, N. Cannon Blvd., Kannapolis; Christos, E. Innes St.; Cleveland Shell, Statesville Blvd., Cleveland; Club Zidi’s, S. Main St.; College BBQ, Statesville Blvd.; Comfort Suites, E. Innes St.; Community Grocery Hardware & Auto, Statesville Blvd., Cleveland; Cook Out, E. Innes St.; Country Porch, Liberty Rd., Gold Hill; Creative Gourmet Catering, Old Mocksville Rd.; Cresent Golf Club, Laurel Way Dr.; Cripplecreek Roadhouse Grill, Stokes Ferry Rd., New London;
DJ’s, W. Innes St.; Darrell’s, E. Main St., Rockwell; Dash a Taste, Webb Rd.; Debbie Suggs Catering, Dunns Mt. Ch. Rd.; Domino’s Pizza, N. Main St., China Grove, W. Innes St., Salisbury; East Rowan Café, W. Main St., Rockwell; El Carrito Taqueria, Mooresville Rd.; El Tepeyac, S. Main St.; Faith BBQ, N. Main St., Faith; Farmhouse, Jake Alexander Blvd.; Five Guys, Jake Alexander Blvd.; Food Lion, Faith Rd., Jake Alexander Blvd., Mahaley Ave., Statesville Blvd., Salisbury, Hwy. 29S, China Grove, N. Cannon Blvd., Kannapolis, N. Salisbury Ave., Spencer, S. Main St., China Grove, W. Main St., Rockwell; Foxfire Lanes, Security Ln., Kannapolis; Franklin Grill, Hwy. 601; Freightliner, Statesville Blvd., Cleveland; Gas N Go, S. Salisbury Ave., Granite Quarry; Genesis Elder Care, Julian Rd.; George’s Italian Grill, E. Innes St.; Gold Miners Café, St. Stephens Ch. Rd., Gold Hill; Goodfella’s, E. Fisher St.; Graham’s Grocery, Sherrills Ford Rd.; Granite Quarry Nutrition Site, Dunns Mt. Rd., Granite Quarry;
Hardees, E. Innes St., Salisbury, Hwy. 29N, China Grove, N. Main St., Rockwell; Harris Teeter Deli, Produce, Jake Alexander Blvd.; Hendrix BBQ, Statesville Blvd.; Hendrix BBQ II, W. Innes St.; Hendrix BBQ III, N. Salisbury Ave., Spencer; Heritage Plantation, Old Concord Rd.; High Rock Boat Club, Boat Ln.; Holiday Inn/Jasmines, Jake Alexander Blvd.; Hood Theological, Lutheran Synod Dr.; Hospitality Shop, Mocksville Ave.; House of Prayer, Old Concord Rd.; Il Colosseo, W. Jake Alexander Blvd.; Italy Café, Jake Alexander Blvd.; Italy Café, W. Innes St.; Ivan’s, Old Mocksville Rd.; Jandira’s Place, S. Central Ave., Landis; Jersey Mike’s, Jake Alexander Blvd.; Jeter’s Deli, Jake Alexander Blvd.; Jimmie’s Restaurant, Hwy. 29N, China Grove; John Calvin Nutrition Site, Brenner Ave.; Johnny’s BP, Hwy. 52, Rockwell; Johnson’s Restaurant, N. Main St., China Grove; Jokers, Statesville Blvd.; K&W Cafeteria, Jake Alexander Blvd.; Kangaroo, Statesville Blvd.; Kangaroo Express, E. Main St., Rockwell; Keatons BBQ, Cool Springs Rd., Cleveland; Kidsports, S. Main St.; Kidsports Skating Rink, Statesville Blvd.; King’s Quick Stop 1, W. Ryder Ave., Landis; Krish Express Shop, S. Main St., Landis; Kristy’s Seafood & Grill, W. Ryder Ave., Landis;
L.A. Murph’s, W. Innes St.; La Alcancia, S. Main St.; La Casita Popular, Airport Rd.; La Cava, S. Church St.; La Ceiba, N. Long St.; Lafayette Nutrition Site, Lafayette Cir.; La Casita Popular #2, N. Cannon Blvd., Kannapolis; Landis Dairy Bar, S. Main St., Landis; Libby’s BBQ, N. Cannon Blvd., Kannapolis; Liberty Commons, S. Main St.; Little Caesar’s, N. Cannon Blvd., Kannapolis, Statesville Blvd.; Livingstone College Cafeteria, Canteen, W. Monroe St.; Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon, Bendix Dr.; Lucky’s Grill, Hwy. 601N; Lupitas Variedades, N. Main St., China Grove; M&K BBQ, Hwy. 52, Granite Quarry; Magnolia Gardens, S. Salisbury Ave., Spencer; Mambo Grill, Faith Rd.; Marlow’s BBQ & Seafood, Statesvile Blvd.; McCombs & Company, Main St., Faith; McDonalds, Jake Alexander Blvd.-Statesville Blvd.; Meadows of Rockwell, Hwy. 152, Rockwell; Mimosa, N. Main St., China Grove; Monterrey Mexican Restaurant, Statesville Blvd.; Mr. Gatti’s, Avalon Dr.;
N.C. Lutheran Homes, Klumac Rd.; N.C. Veterans Home, Brenner Ave.; Niyoshi Express, Jake Alexander Blvd.; Napolis Pizza, Jake Alexander Blvd.; Nazareth Childrens Home, Crescent Rd., Rockwell; North 29 Grill, N. Cannon Blvd., Kannapolis; O’Charleys, Arlington St.; O’Malley’s Pub & Eatery, S. Lee St.; Omega Diner, Jake Alexander Blvd.; Osaka Japanese, Statesville Blvd.; Outback Steakhouse, E. Innes St.; Palermo’s II, S. Salisbury Ave., Granite Quarry; Panda, W. Main St., Rockwell; Pat’s Catering, Moose Rd., Kannapolis; Peking Palace, Jake Alexander Blvd.;Pho Saigon Bistro, N. Salisbury Ave., Granite Quarry; Pinocchio’s, S. Salisbury Ave., Spencer; Pit Stop, S. Main St.; Pizza Hut, E. Innes St., Jake Alexander Blvd., Salisbury, N. Cannon Blvd., Kannapolis; Pockets, W. Innes St.; Poncho Villas, E. Innes St.; Porky’s BBQ, N. Main St., China Grove; Port City Java, W. Innes St.; Richard’s BBQ, N. Main St.; Rick’s BBQ & Grill, Old S. Main St.; Rockwell Nutrition Site, Lowerstone Ch. Rd., Rockwell; Romano’s, W. Innes St., Salisbury, W. Main St., Rockwell;
Ron’s, S. Enochville Ave., Kannapolis; Rowan-Cabarrus Community College Commissary, Jake Alexander Blvd.; Rowan Regional Cafeteria, Mocksville Ave.; Ryan’s, Jake Alexander Blvd.; Sagebrush, Jake Alexander Blvd.; Salisbury Family Restaurant, S. Main St.; Salisbury Gardens, Statesville Blvd.; Sandy’s One Stop, Hwy. 152E, China Grove; Sidewalk Deli, S. Main St.; Sonic, W. Innes St., Salisbury, N. Cannon Blvd., Kannapolis, W. Main St., Rockwell; South Rowan Nutrition Site, Myrtle St., China Grove; Southern City Nutrition Site, Long St., E. Spencer; Spanky’s, N. Main St.; Spencer Country Cupboard, N. Salisbury Ave., Spencer; Spring Garden, N. Salisbury Ave., Spencer; Subway, E. Innes St., N. Jake Alexander Blvd., Peeler Rd., S. Jake Alexander Blvd., Salisbury, Hwy. 29N, China Grove, N. Salisbury Ave., Granite Quarry; Sweet Meadow, W. Innes St.; Taco Bell, E. Innes St.; Tamarac, Bringle Ferry Rd.; Taste of China, Hwy. 29, China Grove;
The Downtowner, S. Main St.; The Grill, Unity Church Rd., Kannapolis; The Laurels of Salisbury, Lash Dr.; The Pop Shoppe, Jake Alexander Blvd.; Third Creek Nutrition Site, E. Main St., Cleveland; Ting Hao, Jake Alexander Blvd.; Tinseltown USA, Faith Rd.; Top China, Faith Rd.; Tops Buffet, Statesville Blvd.; Trinity Oaks, Klumac Rd.; Tropical Restaurant, Bendix Dr.; Uncle Buck’s, E. Innes St.; Unique Pizza, N. Salisbury Ave., Granite Quarry; Upper Crust Café, W. Jake Alexander Blvd.; Verona Italian, Statesville Blvd., Cleveland; Village Inn Pizza, Statesville Blvd.; Waffle House, Jake Alexander Blvd.; Webb Road Flea Market, Webb Rd.; Wendy’s, E. Innes St., Jake Alexander Blvd.; West A Street Grill, West A St., Kannapolis; West Rowan Grill, Statesville Blvd., Cleveland; Westside Café, N. Enochville Ave., Kannapolis; Wilco Hess, E. Innes St., S. Main St., W. Jake Alexander Blvd., Salisbury, N. Cannon Blvd., Kannapolis; Wink’s BBQ, Faith Rd.; Wong’s, E. Council St.; Woodleaf BP, Hwy. 801, Woodleaf; Woodleaf Speedway, Potneck Rd., Woodleaf; Wrenn House, S. Jackson St.; Yosties, N. Main St., Faith; Zip & Go, N. Main St., China Grove.
Meat markets:Food Lion, Faith Rd., Jake Alexander Blvd., Mahaley Ave., Statesville Blvd., Salisbury, N. Cannon Blvd., Kannapolis, N. Salisbury Ave., Spencer, S. Main St., China Grove, W. Main St., Rockwell; Harris Teeter, Jake Alexander Blvd.; IGA, Statesville Blvd., Cleveland; McLaughlin’s Meat Market, W. Monroe St.
School lunchrooms:Elementary schools: Bostian, China Grove, Cleveland, Enochville, Faith, Granite Quarry, Hanford Dole, Hurley, Isenburg, Knollwood, Koontz, Landis, Millbridge, Morgan, Mt. Ulla, North Rowan, Overton, Rockwell, Shive, Woodleaf, Woodrow Wilson.
Middle schools: China Grove, Corriher Lipe, Erwin, Knox, North Rowan, West Rowan.
High schools: East, Henderson, Jesse C. Carson, North Rowan, Salisbury, South, West Rowan.
Private: Grace Academy, Rockwell Christian, Sacred Heart, Salisbury Academy.