Authors publish poetry collection, children’s book

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 7, 2008

A.J. Fallon of Salisbury has published a children’s book, “Choo-Choo Woody: The Little Engine With a Heart,” through BookSurge.
Fallon says the story is “about friendship, love of home and determination to reach a goal and make a mark in life.”
The book was illustrated by an artist from BookSurge.
Fallon says the surprise ending should lead to a sequel, which she hopes will turn into a series. The book, written in rhyme and divided into chapters, is suitable for ages 3-10.
Fallon majored in psychology and has published an article on transportation. She says she was inspired to write this book after a visit to the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer.
The book, offered as a $12.99 paperback, is available online at Amazon or BookSurge, which is part of Amazon. She hopes some bookstores will pick up the book, as well.
New poetry collection
CONCORD รณ In his collection of poetry, “Poems from the Heart: A Journey of Life and Love,” published by AuthorHouse, Lynn B. Glover looks back on a lifetime of memories with fondness and positivity.
“The honest and compassionate reflections and sometimes funny verses will be uplifting to most folks who are down,” Glover writes. “These poems will jolt you out of your stale routine and will give you a much-needed laugh.”
Glover caught the poetry bug after writing his high school senior class poem. His debut book covers the past five decades of his life, from serving in the U.S. Navy to meeting his wife, Marie Mims, at Palmer College in Columbia, S.C., to his life in Concord, where he is a member of Pitts Baptist Church.
More information is available at www.LynnBGlover Poetry .com.