Letters: Fix city’s animal predicament

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fix city’s animal predicament
I am relieved others find the manner in which the pet overpopulation problems in this county, as well as the state, are grossly mishandled. I have been writing about these problems for the 15 years I have lived in Salisbury and have come to the conclusion that if it does not have anything to do with the almighty dollar; neither city nor county politicians are interested.
There have been many poor decisions and lack of foresight by these people, causing businesses to go elsewhere. Instead, they would support the risky business of a cable utility.
Will the unemployed of Rowan County be able to enjoy more programs while those of us that do have jobs foot the bill if it screws up?
Because there is a lack of humanity and common sense in their actions, it isn’t surprising that their backs can turn on the plight of unwanted animals.
I often wonder how the people who work at the Animal Control facility (pound) on Julian Road can sleep at night, knowing they will have a hand in putting to death by use of a gas chamber animals who have been allowed to breed by folks who are obviously not educated in this particular area. Why aren’t they in the forefront of trying to teach the community how to take care of their pets?
Perhaps if the city manager could cut his over-blown salary by at least a third and donate it to the Humane Society expressly for spay/neuter fees, dog houses and bags of food, it would show the community someone in a leadership role cares. This could have a trickle-down effect, and others who give to colleges etc. might realize the problem and help out. It will not go away by ignoring or ignorance.
ó Terie Brown
More school news
I think the Salisbury Post should allow schools (who would like to) put their good citizen names and a picture of them or a group picture in the paper each month. The children work very hard to be good citizens, and it’s one way that we as a school, as teachers, as parents and as a community can show how proud of our children we truly are.
I really hope that the Post reconsiders its policy on this because our children are the future.
ó Chrissie Elliott
Editor’s note:The Post currently publishes good citizen lists, but not photos.