District Court Oct. 30, I

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 5, 2008

District Court
Abbreviation Key
CAAFóCourt-appointed attorney fee
CSWóCommunity service work
DCóDismissed by the court
NGóNot guilty
PJC/CóPrayer for judgment continued/court costs
VDóDismissal without leave by district attorney
Disposition of cases heard Oct. 30 in Rowan District Private Warrants Court by Judge Kevin Eddinger:
– Injury to personal property ó Gregory Mark Brown Jr., 120 days, suspended, 18 months probation, special probation of 30 days in jail, transfer to Cabarrus County, court cost, restitution, CAAF, 36 hours CSW, not assault, threaten or harass state witness; Jason Troy Tarlton, VD.
– Harassing phone call ó Robert R. Cunningham, DC, also threatening phone call, DC.
– Simple assault ó Grant J. Ferrendelli, 45 days, suspended, 24 months probation, special probation of 10 days in jail, $100 fine, court cost, restitution, anger management counseling, not assault, threaten or harass state witness and have no contact with her except as pertains to minor child.
– Assault with a deadly weapon ó Carla Lowe, also second-degree trespassing and threatening phone call, 30 days, suspended 24 months, court cost, CAAF, no contact with state witnesses/families, not go on or about residences, also second charge second-degree trespassing, DC.
– Second-degree trespassing ó Karla Martinez, PJC, not go on or about premises or place of employment of state witness/family, also injury to real property, VD.
– Communicating threats ó Sheldon Lee Morgan, 90 days, suspended, 12 months probation, court cost, not assault, threaten or harass state witness.
– Simple assault ó Jeff Philips, NG; Justin Roberts, DC.
– Assault on a female ó Brian Redhing Jr., VD.
– Domestic violence protective order violation ó Matthew Alan Seaford, two charges, 75 days in one case, suspended, 24 months probation, court cost, no contact with state witness, 75 days in second case at expiration of first sentence.
– Assault by pointing a gun ó Demetrius T. Steele, DC, frivolous prosecution, also simple assault, DC, also communicating threats, DC.
– Speeding ó Jerry Franklin Lohr, $10 fine, court cost.