District Court Oct. 27

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 30, 2008

District Court
Abbreviation Key
CAAFóCourt-appointed attorney fee
CSWóCommunity service work
DCóDismissed by the court
NGóNot guilty
PJC/CóPrayer for judgment continued/court costs
SAAóSubstance abuse assessment
VDóDismissal without leave by district attorney
Disposition of cases heard Oct. 27 in Rowan District Administrative Criminal, Traffic and Infractions Court by Judge Charlie Brown:
– Driving while license revoked ó Kenton Lavar Bell, DC; Bobby Ray Blackwelder, PJC/C, also failure to stop for steady red light, PJC/C; William Randall Carey, also operating vehicle with no insurance, 45 days, also expired/no inspection sticker, possessing/displaying fictitious, cancelled, revoked registration card/tag, rear lamps violation and mirror violation, VD; Henry William Mosley, two charges, 100 days, CAAF a condition of early/work release, also transporting open container after consuming alcohol, VD.
– Speeding ó Clifton Jamaal Brown, $15 fine, court cost; Robert L. Stevenson, PJC/C.
– Consuming malt beverage/un fortified wine on premises with no permit ó Willie Andre Bruce, also carrying concealed gun and resisting public officer, DC.
– Misdemeanor probation violation ó Nakita Latonya Cowan, 15-day sentence activated, CAAF a condition of early/work release; Anthony Fudge, 30-day sentence activated, credit eight days served; Jason Keith Honeycutt, 90-day sentence activated, credit seven days served; Susana Maria Rojas, 30-day sentence activated, credit 17 days served.
– Unsafe movement ó Keshia Monique Dixon, $15 fine, court cost.
– Exceeding safe speed ó Tavarise L. Ferguson, $35 fine, court cost, also license not in possession, VD.
– Failure to stop for stop sign/ flashing red light ó Jon Ross Gregory Jr., $15 fine, court cost.
– Driving while impaired ó Louis Joseph Hesser, 120 days, suspended, 18 months probation, $250 fine, court cost, $300 lab fee, SAA, 48 hours CSW.
– Failure to notify Department of Motor Vehicles of address change ó Ferrell Allen James, $50 fine, court cost, also speeding, VD; Sharon S. Shields, two charges, $50 fine and court cost in each case, also rear lamps violation, VD.
– Shoplifting concealment of goods ó Natasha Renee Kirkley, 15 days, suspended 12 months, $50 fine, court cost, 24 hours CSW, remain away from Family Dollar Store.
– Misdemeanor larceny ó Lisa Renee McGruther, 45 days, suspended, 18 months probation, court cost, proof of inpatient treatment, CAAF, remain away from Kmart.
– Consuming/offering alcoholic beverage on public road ó Daniel Gene Mullis, 48 hours, also failure to comply with license restrictions, VD.
– Assault on government official/ employee ó Daniel Louis Sartori, 60 days, credit nine days served, also injury to personal property, 45 days at expiration of first sentence, suspended, 18 months probation, six months intensive probation, CSW and curfew at direction of probation officer, court cost, CAAF, also resisting public officer, VD.
– Resisting public officer ó Delwyn Jamar Smith, 60 days, CAAF a condition of early/work release; Jakeith Terry, also possession of up to a ounce of marijuana, 45 days, suspended, 12 months probation, $50 fine, court cost, CAAF, 24 hours CSW, evidence to be destroyed, also simple assault, VD.
– Driving while impaired ó Lorie Carpenter Tavera, 120 days, suspended, 18 months probation, transfer to Gaston County, $250 fine, court cost, SAA, 48 hours CSW, also transporting unsealed wine/liquor in passenger area, VD; Andrew Bryan Whitney, 36 months at expiration of earlier sentence, suspended, two years probation, $500 fine, court cost, 72 hours CSW, SAA, also misdemeanor larceny and driving while license revoked, 45 days at expiration of first sentence, suspended, two years probation, same conditions, also failure to stop for stop sign/flashing red light, VD, also intoxicated and disruptive, VD.
– Possession of up to a ounce of marijuana ó George Albert Torrence, VD.
– Simple assault ó Cassie J. Winburn, NG.
– Contempt ó Brian Jenkins, three days at expiration of any other sentence.