The White Horses of West Rowan

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 20, 2008

On a chilly winterís night in 1979, Shirley Elliott was driving on Jones Road with her children: Tony, 9, Alan, 14, and Lisa 16. At the top of the hill approaching Woodleaf Road, from nowhere came four white horses galloping toward the car. So close that Tony yelled to his Mom she was going to run over them. Nostrils flaring, manes flailing, and eyes ablaze the horses pounded to within inches of the car and melted through the vehicle.

Returning home two hours later, with Shirleyís sister in-law and niece now in the car; they decided to test their senses and see if the horses were still around. Sure enough, now viewed by an extra two witnesses, the horses galloped from the opposite direction and once again melted into the night.
Word is theyíve been seen again recently. Anyone else seen the Four White Horses of West Rowan?