Common Sense: Timely picks

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 12, 2008

Common Sense says the fall of 1966 was the best time in the history of the world to be alive.
Not because of Sandy Koufax and Willie Mays. Not because of Jim Brown and John Unitas. Not even because of the Tams and the Four Tops.
No, the ultimate time because the best program ever to grace a TV screen ó “The Time Tunnel” ó aired on ABC on Friday nights.
If you were born too late, intrepid scientists Tony and Doug bounced through the past and future in an experimental time maze ó with the lab folks frantically mashing buttons and trying to bring the boys home.
They never quite got a fix on Tony and Doug long enough to accomplish that, but they always did manage to zap them to a new time and place just before they were on the business end of an arrow from Robin Hood, a bullet from Billy The Kid or a bayonet at the Alamo.
The series likely would have folded after two episodes, except Tony and Doug never landed somewhere routine ó say the second shift at Cannon Mills in Kannapolis in 1950.
Nope, these cool-headed physicists always appeared somewhere and sometime when history was happening.
They sailed on the sinking Titanic. They rode with Custer to Little Big Horn. They were dodging the crumbling walls of Jericho, witnessing Krakatoa’s eruption or marching in opposing armies at Gettsyburg.
The fun never ended. Well, at least it didn’t until April 7, 1967, when the last of 30 installments aired.
Cancellation after just one season was a poor reward for Doug and Tony, especially considering they saved the planet from greedy aliens bent on stealing the world’s oxygen supply in their final episode.
The demise of “The Time Tunnel” was a harsh lesson for an 11-year old, but a good one ó life’s not always fair.
Life wasn’t fair for the new, improved Carson Cougars last week. They pushed Salisbury around, but they still lost. Life also wasn’t very fair for A.L. Brown and Davie County, who lost to Mooresville and Thomasville, respectively.
Brown blew it early with fumbles. Davie blew it late. Mooresville and Thomasville obviously are good teams, but Common Sense says A.L. Brown and Davie are even better teams and would win if they could go back through the “Time Tunnel,” put Tony and Doug on special teams and replay those games tonight.
Sadly, not an option.
Then there was the wildest result. Southwestern Randolph over West Davidson. When I saw that score, I was sure someone at AP had vented two too many.
Last week’s disastrous 3-3 lowered the season mark to 13-6. Common Sense had the dubious honor of blowing picks on Thursday, Friday and Monday.
But redemption is just around the corner, and best of all, “The Time Tunnel” is now available on DVD.
A bargain at any price.
The picks:West 42, N. Iredell 7
No problem.
W. Iredell 28, East 13
It’s a payback game for the Warriors.
South 20, NW Cabarrus 17An upset, but South’s played well to be 0-2.
Mooresville 21, Carson 12
Everything you’re tired of hearing about Carson is true. They’ll win four ó or more. Salisbury 28, W. Stanly 21Hornets just win, baby.
N. Rowan 20, Forbush 6
Cavs need it, should get it.
West Dav. 21, Starmount 10
Dragons should be hostile.
A.L. Brown 28, Sun Valley 21
Wonders are underdogs. That’s a role they like.
Davie 24, Providence Day 14
Davie’s banged up, but it should be hungry.
Also: Hickory Ridge 31, Porter Ridge 14; Concord 24, Piedmont 7; Anson 28, Parkwood 13.