Letters: Consultant’s visit is stirring discussion

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 11, 2008

Consultant’s visit is stirring discussion
On behalf of the Salisbury-Rowan Economic Development Commission, I would like to extend appreciation to everyone who participated in the Mark Sweeney presentation, “Prepared Communities Win,” on Tuesday evening at Catawba College. Special thanks are offered to our funding sponsors ó Centralina Workforce Development Board, Piedmont Natural Gas, Rowan Jobs Initiative, Rowan County Chamber of Commerce, Duke Energy and Catawba College.
Mr. Sweeney’s perspective as a nationally acclaimed site consultant provided unique insight into the competitive nature of economic development in today’s world. This event has generated thoughtful discussion among our board members and our local constituents. Continuing dialogue and collaboration from everyone in our community with an interest in local economic development is a critical factor in our collective success in attracting and retaining investment and jobs for our region.
Please contact our local EDC office if you have an interest in participating in future events and discussions. We welcome your comments and active involvement.
ó Jeanie Moore
Moore is chair of the Economic Development Commission.
Record not important
I don’t understand the point of listing a deceased person’s criminal background. It is no one’s business. When a person is murdered or dies for any other reason, the last thing the family and friends want to read about is the person’s criminal background. What business is it of anyone’s? The person is dead and gone; you guys list their wrongdoings so that everyone can pass judgment on them.
I don’t remember Dr. David Boyd’s criminal history being in the paper when he was killed. As a matter of fact, no one wanted to talk about the pending charges because they were thinking about Dr. Boyd’s family.
I guess other victims didn’t have a family. Because when they were killed, their criminal histories were in black and white for everyone to see.
I think that you guys are wrong for doing this and need to rethink it. At least contact the family first and see how they feel.
ó Shiquita Perry