Letters: Artful reader values her newspaper

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 28, 2008

Artful reader values her newspaper
I want to tell you how much I enjoy reading the Salisbury Post. Thank you so much for all the “human interest” stories and for the special things you do.
I send a special thank you for the 4th of July flag, “Let Freedom Ring” poster. I’ve had the 2007 flag hanging on the inside of my front door since July 2007, and I have quite a story about the flag. My great-granddaughter loved that flag, and I’m saving this year’s copy (2008) for her.
I am an avid newspaper reader, and I have been for 60 years-plus. In fact, it remains one of my hobbies and does not include online reading. I’m grateful for the high-tech world we’re living in, but, in my opinion, some of the “arts” are better the old way. The “art” of picking up a newspaper and reading it from front to back is educational and a true value to me.
I only wish that more of the young people could know how valuable and rewarding the “art” of newspaper reading can be.
Your customer service is excellent! Everyone I’ve talked to has been courteous, professional and nice.
ó Bertie L. Foster