Letters to the editor – Saturday (8-16-08)

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 15, 2008

Redistricting hits the right chord
To hear our school board consider redistricting is music to my ears. As a parent of children at Koontz Elementary, I have seen firsthand why redistricting must be considered. Only 2 years old, Koontz Elementary already requires two mobile units to accommodate its growing population.
While it’s embarrassing enough that a new school needs mobile units, we have nearby elementary schools with empty classrooms. These inefficiencies are a direct result of a poor redistricting plan that was enacted just two years ago. The Salisbury Post article insinuates that our school board may be unwilling to let outside experts help them craft a redistricting plan. Rather, Mr. Beard has said “We’ve already done this … All the data is here.”
Haven’t we seen what happens when our board tries to redistrict, letting self-interests get in the way of what is right for all of our children? Do we really want to go through the arduous process of redistricting year after year because our board won’t allocate the resources to do it right this time?
It is a struggle to look beyond ourselves and our families and think only about the greater good of all children in Rowan County. However, we must do exactly that to make real progress. Put politics and self-interests aside and allow outside experts to guide this process. Then we will have a long-term plan that will give all our children a chance to succeed; children with a voice on the school board and those without.
ó Ashley Dunham
Help after fire
To all our friends and neighbors:
We would like to thank each and every one of you for the gifts and support you have offered since our house burned down.We have had hundreds of people stop and offer their help to us. God bless each and every one of you. We will always love each and every one of you for being so kind to us.
ó Billy Joe and Mary Barnhardt
Top grade for EMTs
On Friday, Aug. 8, I needed the services of the Salisbury Fire and Rescue/EMT unit. It was my first time using their services. My overall grade for their performance would be AAA+.
They were very prompt, very professional and did an outstanding job of taking care of my needs. I tip my hat to this outstanding organization!
ó Gene Wall
Special delivery
Often we never meet or get to know our newspaper carrier. This not the case with our Salisbury Post carrier, Jim Wilmore. We have had the pleasure of knowing Jim for the past five years and have even developed a telephone friendship with his lovely wife, Celeste. So it was a very sad moment when we found out that for health reasons he will no longer be associated with the Post after Aug. 28.
He has been a warm, considerate, caring friend and an excellent PR man for the Post. We will greatly miss him. Good luck and God bless you, Jim.
P.S.: Hey, everybody, get to know your carrier.
ó Robert G. Burns