Letters to the editor – Tuesday (8-5-08)

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 4, 2008

A stellar program for science and math
Kudos to Dr. Windsor Eagle, the Rowan-Salisbury Board of Education and Salisbury High School for the creation, approval and implementation of the new Science and Math Academy. I’m the parent of a middle-school participant in the program, and my child found science and math to be fun and engaging subjects. The overwhelming number of students who chose to participate in the summer academy speaks highly of their eagerness to learn and be challenged in the areas of science and mathematics. The support of this program is a step in the right direction in providing our students with the skills necessary to meet the demands of the future.
ó Mary Willis Page
Disgusting decision
Regarding N.C. House Speaker’s Joe Hackney’s blocking of legislation that would make “reasonable” legal fees automatically payable to those who win public records suits against state and local governments:
I find this ridiculous, to say the least. In my opinion, what Speaker Hackney has stated by taking this position, is that “you the citizen, you the people who pay the bills, have a right to what I, and others who share my opinion, say you have a right to.” This seems to be the fastly growing opinion from too many of our elected representatives. I assure you, that my analogy does not fall along political lines. Hats off to Sen. David Hoyle, D-Gaston, who sponsored this bill.
I hold disgust for any elected officials who seem to place themselves above the rights and will of the people. I also hold responsible those elected to serve who do not have the backbone to stand tall and shout from the highest rooftop their disagreement and their disgust for such bureaucratic bull. This is why we seldom see positive address of issues of concern. We have far too many decisions (surprise, surprise) being made behind closed doors and not near enough time being spent on the street corners of America by our elected representatives.
When one looks at the negative changes occuring over the last several years to this great nation, it seems obvious, to me at least, that if we, the citizens, do not take positive actions to address the disrespect of our citizenry by some of our elected officials, that as sure as I’m sitting here, we will at some time in the not so distant future find ourselves standing in the streets of Stalingrad.
ó Steven F. Shell