The Baker Family: performing at Escape the Daily Grind

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Baker Family Band is an indie rock and alternative country band from Asheville which features musicians Stuart and Elizabeth Baker, Nathan Ribner, David Barrett, and former Salisburian Daniel Resner.
Stuart writes the songs for the band, but all the members contribute to the arrangements. With influences such as Neil Young, Jeff Tweedy, Donovan, Sonic Youth and Bruce Springsteen, the band fuses country and rock n’ roll with indie rock and electronic music.
Some would say they’re a smooth mixture of folk, rock, and just the right amount of experimentation to please audiences. Newest member, Danny Resner, plays lead guitar with a tasteful swagger, but sometimes Stuart steps in for a rip-roaring solo or two. Nathan Ribner holds down the low end on bass, while David Barrett bangs away on the drums.
Elizabeth Baker, also know as Mrs. Baker, sings lead vocals, backup vocals and plays the keys. Her charisma has been compared to that of Kim Deal of the Pixies.
Stuart sings lead vocals and plays guitar, keys, drum machines, and sequencers. His songs range from folk to unconventional indie rock. The country style song “Dirt” features Stuart alone on guitar, while “Clouds of Fire” features the entire band banging out loud chords and counter-melodies while Stuart belts out charging lines about judgement and justice.
In contrast, Elizabeth’s vocals are featured on the drum machine-driven pop song, “Bakers Can’t Be Choosers.”
Elizabeth and Stuart met in Juarez, Mexico when they were 16 years old. Liz lived in Fort Worth, Texas, and Stuart was from Kernersville. Three and a half years later, the two were married in Fort Worth and moved to Asheville so Stuart could pursue a degree at UNCA for Music Technology.
The Baker Family Band formed when Mike Ackley, Owen Thomas, and Stuart combined their musical forces as singer/songwriters. Nathan, who had been playing with Mike, joined the Baker Family Band on bass. Drummer David, came on board because of his previous musical relationship with Stuart in the group Talk Show Hosts
The band went through a renovation when Thomas graduated and moved to New York and Ackley bowed out of the band temporarily to study literature in Ireland.
Danny Resner came on board after meeting Stuart at a recording session for indie/experimental/pop duet, Old Folks. Stuart was engineering the project, and Danny was performing on an Old Folks song in the studio.
Stuart says he recognized Danny’s extraordinary musical talents and asked him to join the band. Danny accepted, and a new era was born for the Bakers.
You can hear the Baker Family Band at
The Baker Band performs at Escape the Daily Grind, 316 S. Salisbury Ave., Spencer, this Saturday. Opening for them will be Jacquelyn Lee.
The show starts at 7:30 p.m. No cover charge.
For more information call 704-636-0160.