Court docket June 26

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 30, 2008

District Court
Abbreviation Key
CAAFóCourt-appointed attorney fee.
DCóDismissed by the court.
NAóNotice of appeal.
NGóNot guilty.
PJC/CóPrayer for judgment continued/court costs.
Disposition of cases heard June 26 in Rowan District Private Warrants Court by Judge Marshall Bickett:
– Assault on a female ó Michael Shunta Bost, John Christopher Hyde, NG; Robert N. Grapes, DC, frivolous prosecution, prosecuting witness Teresa Gainey to pay court cost and CAAF; Charles Stephen Jones, DC; Leonard Melton, NG, also assault with a deadly weapon, NG.
– Communicating threats ó Robert Burden, NG; Gaylor Henderson Rattz, 45 days, suspended 24 months, $50 fine, court cost, not harass or bother state witness during probation.
– Harassing phone call ó Shadero Cannon, PJC/C, CAAF.
– Misdemeanor larceny ó Farrell Anderson Clark, 45 days, suspended 18 months, court cost, restitution, CAAF, NA.
– Second-degree trespassing ó Henry Maxwell Cline, NG, frivolous prosecution, prosecuting witness Jeannie Simmons to pay court cost, also breaking or entering, NG; Amber Nicole Tidwell, DC.
– Simple assault ó Mary Elizabeth Duncan, 45 days, suspended, 24 months probation, $50 fine, court cost, remain away from state witness, also unauthorized use of motor vehicle, NG; Kasey E. Jones, Sharon Leigh Jones, DC.
– Misdemeanor probation violation ó Angela Marie Edwards, David Lee Oliver, Jacqueline Richardson, 45-day sentence activated.
– Assault on government official/employee ó Samuel Foy, DC.
– Domestic criminal trespassing ó Patty Melton, also injury to real property and two charges simple assault, NG in all four cases; Davara Cornado Ponds, DC, frivolous prosecution, prosecuting witness Lillie Ladson to pay court cost.
– Injury to real property ó Clifford Redmon (also known as Clifton Ruash Redmon), m NG, also simple assault, NG.
– Threatening phone call ó April Michelle Stavrakas, 45 days, suspended 18 months, $25 fine, court cost, not harass or contact state witness.