Superior Court docket, April 21, 2008

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 2, 2008

Superior Court
Abbreviation Key
CAAFóCourt-appointed attorney fee.
CSWóCommunity service work.
EHAóElectronic house arrest.
JAóJudgment arrested.
NAóNotice of appeal.
NGóNot guilty.
VDóDismissal without leave by district attorney.
Disposition of cases heard the week of April 21 in Rowan Superior Trial Court by Judge Chris Collier:
– Attempt to traffic in opium or heroin by transportation ó Jeffrey Eugene Lowder, two charges, 27-33 months in one case, jail credit, DART program recommended, evidence to be destroyed after appeal period, 27-33 months in second case at expiration of first sentence, DART program recommended, also felony possession of Schedule III controlled substance, VD.
– Driving while impaired ó Michael L. Kirksey, order of remand.
– Felony possession of firearm by felon ó Leroy Haskins III, jury trial 15-18 months, jail credit, CAAF if work release, NA.
– Injury to personal property ó Laretta Shantell Bowers, VD.
– Assault inflicting serious bodily injury ó Randy Wayne Yates Jr., also felony indecent liberties with child, 18-22 months, jail credit, also second charge felony indecent liberties with child, 19-23 months at expiration of first sentence, suspended, 30 months probation, court cost, CAAF, restitution with co-defendants, abide by conditions of sex offender control program.
– Driving while license revoked ó Tony Bernard Chambers, also resisting public officer and failure to stop for stop sign/flashing red light, 120 days, suspended, 18 months probation, $500 fine, court cost, four months EHA, 24 hours CSW.
– Felony assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury ó John Leo Slagle, also unsafe movement and driving left of center, 25-39 months, suspended, 30 months probation including six months intensive probation and CSW, $1,000 fine, court cost, not operate motor vehicle during probation, body testing, substance abuse assessment if positive and abide by recommended treatment, also driving while impaired, order of remand.
– Felony exploitation of disabled/ elder ó Bristol David Little Jr., NG by jury.
– Felony robbery with dangerous weapon ó Dontae Jamarr Wood, 61-83 months, jail credit, CAAF a condition of work release if qualified, also felony possession of stolen motor vehicle, JA.