Letters: North students can hold heads high

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 22, 2008

North students can hold heads high
I am a 2002 graduate of North Rowan High School and my father is a 1967 graduate. I am fed up with all the negative comments and stories regarding North Rowan High School. How can we expect the students of North Rowan High to even want to attend school or to do better? These students deserve the right to be able to walk into their school with their heads held high and to get a good education.
North Rowan has had a lot of great teachers, and the students deserve good teachers. How can we expect the students to even learn, when there may be teachers who have such a negative attitude towards North High?
All North Rowan alumni, parents, staff and students need to come together for North. I admit that there are problems, but I believe they can be solved.
I have an 18-month-old daughter, and I want her to go to North one day. I want her to feel the same pride and joy I have in North. Those were some of my happiest days and I pray that North is still around when she enters high school. Sure, there could be more academic classes set in place to equip our students for college and the workforce, but that takes money and support.
The state needs to be told what we want and a realistic and affordable plan needs to be come up with.
I do not care what part of town you are from, how much money your parents make or even who your parents are; every child deserves and has the right to a good education.
I know the Salisbury I grew up in, have returned to raise my child in and the one I love, will not let North fall by the wayside.
ó Morgan E. Schneider
Road work confusing
The river bridge on Wood-leaf Road is being repaired or rebuilt, so we have to go an alternate route to Salisbury.
It is bad enough that no sign was placed at the Woodleaf crossroad to warn those who do not know that the bridge is out. To make matters worse, Highway 70 is being worked on, also. It is the nearest route to Salisbury from Woodleaf.
I went via N.C. 801 from Woodleaf to Salisbury a couple of times. Then I went via Parks Road this morning. The road is very curvy, so I decided to return via 801.
I am not very familiar with Highway 70, nor the location of the roads leading off 70. So I had to slow down, look at the road signs so I would turn onto the road I wanted to travel. As I was approaching a road, I slowed down to look at the sign, which I could not see. Several highway workers were standing there, so I put down the car window and asked, “What road is this?”
Nobody told me. They just gestured with their arms and screamed, “Move on, move on!” The two loudest ones were women.
I drove in, still not knowing which road I was on. Up the road a piece was a young man standing at a stop sign for the opposite direction, taking care of one-way traffic. I put the window down and asked him what road I was on. He politely told me Parks Road. I thanked him and told him that the people at the highway would not tell me.
I appreciate this young man’s help, and I hope the other workers are more accommodating in the future. After all, they are getting paid to work and should be polite and helpful to the public, since that is who pays them.
ó Virginia Kinley