Letters to the editor – Monday (5-12-08)

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 11, 2008

Has anybody seen
Sen. Dole lately?
Sen. Elizabeth Dole is a rare sight in North Carolina. In 2005, the Winston-Salem Journal reported Liddy made only one trip to North Carolina during the last six months of 2004, according to her expense report filed with the Secretary of State’s office. In her makeshift hometown of Salisbury, her presence has been minimal, to say the least. In fact; she never owned property in North Carolina up until 10 months prior to being elected to office in 2002, and it was purchased from her then-100-year-old mother. She cast her vote for herself in 2002, which was only her third time voting in North Carolina, according to the “Daily Kos.”
Elizabeth Dole, after a 40-plus year absence from North Carolina, successfully won her Senate seat in 2002 by utilizing her popularity as a Washington figurehead and riding the shirttails of her husband and former presidential candidate, Robert Dole. The two are 40-plus year residents of the Watergate Hotel in Washington, which Libby still lists as her mailing address. She is using the grand old power of political influence and money to buy her North Carolina votes. But, there is one vote that she can’t buy ó her husband’s, because Bob casts his vote in Kansas, where they jointly own a 118-acre farm.
Elizabeth Dole couldn’t care less about North Carolina, as her absence to our state has shown. She wants to be in the limelight of Washington and rub shoulders with the Bushes at our expense. I hope the residents of our fine state are smarter this election.
ó George Hall
A few dollars more
Regarding the China Grove controversy about graveling the Little League parking lot:
Allen Welter said it (April 29); Jessie Burchette wrote about it (May 1); and Tamara Solomon had her opinion about it printed in the paper (May 6 letter).
Jessie or Tamara, I do not know, but I do know Al Welter.
I was not at the China Grove budget session and do not know whether Tamara was there or not.
The only two things I have to go on are what Jessie wrote and what “Big Al” told me himself. He told me he was most proud of the article and that Jessie had done a fine job in reporting the story.
So, here is something I do know. I know the difference between a “few dollars” (Tamara’s words) and $24,500.
Her goes another opinion. Why doesn’t Tamara pay the “few dollars” to gravel the Little League parking lot?
Then everyone would be happy … except for one person.
Would you like to guess who?
ó Whitey Harwood