Letters to the editor – Sunday (4-27-08)

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Don’t fall for the politics
of negativity, divisiveness
As long as we, as citizens, are willing to believe all the swill spit out in self serving political ads, we will get ever more of the same. If you want civility in any election, you have to ignore the nonsense published in those 60 second spots! How much damage could your “enemies” do to you in a short space of time, in print, on the air, or on the Internet? Do you always believe the same things as your parents, siblings, friends and/or your pastors? Do you always wear a flag pin?
As the candidates fear losing, they will besiege us with pettiness, lies and half truths and, to our shame, we are expected to take each word as gospel, and all too often we do. These “ads” do not inform us, they only divide us further.
At this time we are faced with two Democratic candidates, both of whom have different histories and both of whom love this country. Each has strengths and weaknesses. Consider what each could bring to our very damaged country right now. We would be very shortsighted to let the fears and prejudices, especially of race or gender, keep us from selecting the best. We need someone to give us reconciliation with each other and with the world and return respect to our nation. We need jobs and health care and peace not more division, internal or external. The old idea “United we stand, divided we fall” was never truer. Stop believing the worst about our candidates. “There is a fool born each minute,” according to Mr. Barnum. For the sake of our country and our democracy, don’t let one of them be you!
ó Marion McLaughlin
Good investment for voters
While much of the media attention during this election season will be focused on the presidential and governor’s races, there’s one race on the ballot that will have a direct impact on 820,000 retired North Carolinians and every child that goes to public school in North Carolina. The state treasurer is responsible for investing in North Carolina’s future by protecting our state’s $78 billion pension fund and investing in education and jobs for the people of North Carolina. Janet Cowell is the only candidate running for state treasurer who has created jobs and invested in North Carolina’s future. As a business investment expert, Janet has created thousands of North Carolina jobs. As a state senator, she has protected N.C. pensions and invested in our future by raising teacher pay, improving schools and making college more affordable. I encourage all readers to learn more about Janet Cowell and her vision at www.cowellfortreasurer.com and vote for her during the early voting period or on May 6.
ó Will Hannah