Letters to the editor – Tuesday (4-29-08)

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 28, 2008

Some things are best kept private
The unfettered freedom of doing whatever you wish comes with a price. Many wonder if it’s worth the price regarding issues of privacy. Most older people with common sense know some things should remain private. But among some teens and young adults, that view has faded, and they share personal secrets, including posting photos and opinions on Web sites for all to see. How stupid.This should raise concerns. For instance, a young girl may post a topless photo to a friend, and it’s copied for all to see, including a sexual predator. Acts of stupidity occur every day. These same people may complain about the presence of cameras on roadways, in stores and buildings, etc., or complain about wiretapping. I say, if it makes life safer, so be it. I have nothing to hide, unlike lawbreakers such as drug dealers, robbers and murderers.
What is this country going to be like when these younger generations take over?
Some people do not pledge allegiance or support prayer in schools or public places. CEOs, professional athletes and movie stars are making millions while workers are scratching for a living.
When all the companies move elsewhere and there are no jobs left, who will be able to buy?
ó William Terheun
Trustworthy leader
I write this letter to support Ralph Walton as nominee for Rowan County commissioner. I have known Mr. Walton for the past 29 plus years, and whether at work, in the community or with his family, he has always made informed decisions with an eye toward the future and fairness to all.
With over 35 years in public service, he has the experience that it will take to lead Rowan County past the Jim Sides era and bring more quality jobs back to the county. He is someone in whom Rowan’s citizens can trust to get the maximum value for their tax dollars, and is unafraid to speak his mind.
I am also proud to say that Mr. Walton is my father. Please cast your vote next week for Ralph Walton for county commissioner.
ó Clark C. Walton
Inspiring candidate
I want to thank the Salisbury Post for its April 26 coverage of Democratic primary candidate for U.S. Congress-6th N.C. District, Teresa Sue Bratton, M.D.
In addition to her visit to the South and East Rowan County Library branches on April 25, Dr. Bratton attended a meeting of East Rowan area Democrats at the Rockwell Civic Center that evening. I was impressed and encouraged by Dr. Bratton’s knowledge of issues ranging from health care and the environment to her support of our troops by urging their safe return home.
Teresa Sue Bratton offers all of us from the 6th District an opportunity to be represented by a smart, personable and compassionate Congressional delegate.
ó Karen Puckett
Campaign letters
Letters endorsing local candidates in the May 6 primary should be limited to 150 words and must be received in the Salisbury Post newsroom by 5 p.m. Wednesday.