District Court

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 17, 2008

District Court
Abbreviation Key
CAAFóCourt-appointed attorney fee.
CSWóCommunity service work.
DCóDismissed by the court.
DDóDismissal without leave after deferred prosecution.
PJC/CóPrayer for judgment continued/court costs.
VDóDismissal without leave by district attorney.
Disposition of cases heard April 14 in Rowan District Criminal, Traffic and Infractions Court by Judge William C. Kluttz:
– Unsafe movement ó Trevor Robert Allison, Daniel Joseph Nason, Colleen Marie Robb, VD; David Lee McAlexander, also license/permit violation of no supervisory driver by person under age 18, VD.
– Speeding ó Eller Richards Alston, Katie Shantell Gibson, Elizabeth G. Trexler, $15 fine, court cost; Tavares V. Campbell, $150 fine, court cost, also reckless driving to endanger, VD; Loreena Bella Croce, also reckless driving to endanger, $100 fine, court cost; Marquisha C. Crosby, William Henry Massey, Idolinda B. Tucker, PJC/C; Raymond L. Jackson, $100 fine, court cost, CAAF, also reckless driving to endanger, VD; Ashish Sawhney, $30 fine, court cost; Jared Michael Staudigl, $75 fine, court cost, also reckless driving to endanger, VD.
– Driving while impaired ó Phillip Matthew Bean, 60 days, suspended 12 months, $100 fine, court cost, 24 hours CSW; Juan Carlos M. Beltran, six months, suspended two years, $250 fine, court cost, 72 hours CSW, also no operator’s license, VD; Bobbi Jo Rowland, 120 days, suspended, 24 months probation, $200 fine, court cost, 48 hours CSW, also hit-run/failure to stop/property damage, VD.
– Speeding in highway work zone ó Robert Brian Bronson, $250 fine, court cost.
– Exceeding safe speed ó John Wesley Copeland, Prince Benjamin Lake, $35 fine, court cost; James Thomas Grantham, Dara Elaine Sifford, VD.
– Failure to maintain lane control ó Alan Dean Earnhardt, VD.
– Driving while license revoked ó Gerardo Aboyte Garcia, 45 days, suspended, 18 months probation including six months intensive probation, $200 fine, court cost, 50 hours CSW, also driving without two headlamps, VD; James L. Hinson, also driver failure to wear seat belt, PJC/C, CAAF; Matthew Alan Moore, 45 days, suspended 18 months, $200 fine, court cost, CAAF; William Isaac Sanders, two charges, also possessing open container in passenger area, 33 days, credit 33 days served, also breaking or entering, DC.
– Careless and reckless driving ó Fidel Clyde Goodnight, $50 fine, court cost.
– School attendance law violation ó Mary Gwen Hall, PJC/C, CAAF; Lori Lowe, 45 days, suspended, 12 months probation, court cost, no unexcused absences for child; Kenneth Patchin, PJC/C.
– Disorderly conduct ó John O’Bryan Hawkins, 45 days, suspended, six months probation at expiration of current probation, $225 fine, court cost.
– Failure to notify Department of Motor Vehicles of address change ó Karrie Lynn Honeycutt, $50 fine, court cost, also speeding, VD, also possessing/displaying altered, fictitious, revoked driver’s license, VD.
– Resisting public officer ó Terry Lee Kesler, also intoxicated and disruptive, 10 days to run consecutively.
– Tampering with vehicles ó Charles L. Lamberth, 60 days, suspended 12 months, $50 fine, court cost, no contact with state witness.
– Failure to reduce speed ó Heather Cross Link, Emily Purvis Williams, VD.
– Consumption of alcohol by 19/20 year old ó Maria Teresa Madia, PJC/C.
– Using foreign license while driving while license revoked ó Veronica L. McCracken, VD, also brake/stop light equipment violation, VD.
– No operator’s license ó Jesus Manzano Morales, two charges, $100 fine, court cost.
– Assault on a child under 12 ó Anne C. Musselman, DD, suspended three months, court cost, anger management counseling, write letter of apology.
– Possession of drug paraphernalia ó Jimmy Lewis Oglesby, also resisting public officer, 120 days, suspended, 12 months probation, court costs, also possession of between a and 1a ounces of marijuana, VD; Patricia Williams, also simple possession of Schedule VI controlled substance, disorderly conduct and intoxicated and disruptive, 60 days, credit 13 days served.
– Unsafe lane change ó Feisal Ali Rashid, VD.
– Following too closely ó Tarra Sharece Rouson, $25 fine, court cost, also failure to dim headlamps, VD.
– Improper equipment ó Bryan James Salgado, $50 fine, court cost.
– Assault on a female ó Michael Anthony Taylor, 75 days, suspended, 12 months probation, court cost, Life Skills classes, no contact with victim.
– Failure to stop for stop sign/ flashing red light ó Bradford W. Wisocky, PJC/C.