Hoeben column: Eat healthy before the gym

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 11, 2008

By Ester Hoeben
For the Salisbury Post
Q. What are some good snacks to have before my workout so I won’t run out of energy?
A. First, when you are able to eat a meal make sure you eat at least two hours before your workout. Light snacks can be eaten shortly before your workout. Light or non-fat yogurts can really do the trick. I like to eat a protein bar or fruit and nut bar before my class (especially when it is my Zumba class).
One thing you have to watch for is the calories these extra snacks will add to your daily intake.
Now, another part is to not skip a meal, which I know can be very hard. When you are watching your calories closely, you probably want to deduct the extra calories of the snack you ate from your upcoming scheduled meal.
When you are looking at snacks, watch the calories, sugar, fat and sodium per bar. They can really sneak up on you.
These are my favorite snacks:
– Dannon Activa vanilla yogurt. (110 calories)
– Apples
– Bananas
– Oranges (when in season)
– Kashi granola bars (Honey almond flax, 140 calories)
– Nature Valley roasted nut crunch (peanut crunch, 190 calories)
Now on the weekends it’s slightly different. My snacks are cookies, ice cream, chips รณ all “slightly” higher in calories and fat. But what are weekends for? And … I do it in moderation.
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