Letter: What $3 trillion could purchase

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What $3 trillion could purchase
President George Bush’s personal war in Iraq should enrage every loyal American. The worst statistics are of course the 4,000-plus United States military lives lost. Then there are the 32,818 United States military wounded as of March 1.
The estimated cost of Bush’s personal war in Iraq is $3 trillion. Let’s put these numbers in perspective of everyday life and the good that $3 trillion could do. With $3 trillion you could:
1. Build 10,000 water desalination plants at $300 million each. Enough to supply water to 1 billion homes.
2. Or build 100,000 $30 million high schools.
3. Or pay the salaries of 75 million teachers, policemen, EMTs or firemen at $40,000 each.
4. Or pay a full scholarship for 30 million college students at $100,000 each.
5. Or buy 10 billion weeks of groceries for families at $300 per week.
6. Or four years of child care for 62.5 million children at $12,000 per year.
7. Or provide 300 billion meals at $10 each for the homeless, less fortunate or anyone who is hungry.
8. Or supply 200 million fuel efficient cars at $15,000 each.
9. Or pay health insurance premiums for 15 billion people at $200 per month each.
10. Or resurface 40 million miles of road at an estimated $75,000 per mile.
11. Or build 8,000 Yadkin River bridges at $375 million each.
12. Or build 20,000 Yadkin River bridges at $150 million each if you could do it before Ann Brownlee gets involved and causes delays.
13. Or replace 30 billion of those mailboxes whose posts are ridiculously encased in concrete on East Innes Street at $100 each.
14. Or you could brick 3.75 million streets to the satisfaction of City Manager David Treme. Around $800,000 each.
By the way, in support of those adversely affected by forced annexation, here is my new slogan for Salisbury: “It’s not a destination, it’s desperation.”
ó Mark Hall