Letters to the editor

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 6, 2008

Annexation virus
strikes again
Another virus has struck. This one is different from the flu. This one is the annexation virus. It has hit the Salisbury City Council. This one has spread to homeowners along N.C. 150, past Neel Estates. The symptoms are greed and the desire for more tax money, more land and more power.
The victims of this virus are the homeowners along N.C. 150. They chose to live in these locations believing in their freedom of choice. They contribute to the various businesses in the city ó to grocery stores, shopping centers, ABC stores, beauty salons and many more.
With the right prescribed treatment, these people will be fine.
To the carriers of this annexation virus, get rid of it. Leave these people alone.
ó Katherine Stokes
Where’s the logic?
I fail to see the logic of the Rowan County commissioners spending tax money to fight annexation by the city of Salisbury. The citizens of Salisbury are also Rowan County taxpayers, and many citizens of the county may support this annexation. It seems to me that the commissioners are spending our tax money to support a position in which they primarily have a personal interest.
ó Jack Kepley
How I see it
After reading about the misfortunes of some of the Rowan County leaders ó such as drunken driving, property problems and having their feelings hurt ó I got to studying about things I can’t perceive or know anything about.
No. 1 is being a Republican or a Democrat.
No. 2 is being a born-again Christian. Or a communist.
Also, I don’t know anything about being dark-skinned or Jewish.
What about being gay or bisexual? I can’t imagine.
A flag-waver or a Bible-thumper? I don’t get it.
The only way I can think is as an Appalachian-American, Caucasian, free-thinking, heterosexual male from a small-time Southern town.
So, here is what I think I perceive.
No. 1: You can’t fix stupid.
No. 2: There is no such thing as a free lunch.
Also, you can lead a politician to water, but you can’t make ’em think.
And, finally, Arnold ain’t God.
Is he?
ó Whitey Harwood