letters to the editor

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No wonder Salisbury needs new revenue
If anyone wonders why there is a need for annexation of areas along N.C. 150, all you need to do is go back to page 1C of the Feb. 6 Salisbury Post. Perhaps there would not be a great need for additional taxes if Mr. David Treme had not been given an additional salary increase and commended for spending $868,000 to “beautify” East Fisher Street by putting brick in the street. This one block of the city would need a lot more than brick to make it beautiful with its old, run-down and out-of-business buildings, some thanks to the project itself. You would think this was a gateway to Salisbury.
Heaven forbid that Mr. Treme would decide to “beautify” Innes and Main Streets. All of Rowan County would need to be annexed to pay for that.
We were told that the north side of N.C. 150 would require expensive pumps in order to pump sewage to the tops of the roads, and the cost would be much more than the taxes obtained from these areas. Has Mr. Treme investigated just how much this would cost?
The only advantage we see to being annexed into the city, since we have wells and septic tanks, is that we would get to vote and put new people in the City Council that would not spend our tax dollars to mess up roads like Brenner Avenue and East Fisher Street. We can only hope that we don’t get cement barricades along N.C. 150 when the road is widened. We assume the city will be responsible for that widening as far as Neel Estates since they plan to maintain our roads.
The small neighborhood of Forest Drive, Home Road, Steven, Tremont and Pinewood Drive also has a name. It is Westmont.
ó Charles & Barbara Earley
The price of apathy
Abigail Hall’s Feb. 14 article on how “20-somethings feel out of political loop” shows much immaturity. Yet considering the fact that less than 25 percent of eligible people vote, you may be the majority.
You are entertained by Britney Spears’ shenanigans. Yet the candidates and their qualifications are confusing. You can’t be bothered. It is too boring. You don’t have time to understand the issues.
Well, don’t feel like the Lone Ranger. It is obvious many feel the same. That is probably why we have a Congress that gets a 17 percent approval rating and consists of members who get elected over and over while spending like crazy and just filling their own pockets.
Everyone feels ignored and confused like you complain. Few do anything about it. Well, I have no sympathy for you or anyone else who wants the benefits of a democracy without the work of understanding issues. But I do have a suggestion. Learn to speak Spanish or perhaps even Chinese. Because they are coming with an interest.
Soon you or your children will be working for them. Then you will have something else to whine about as you dream how it might have been.
ó David Carroll