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superior court docket jan 7

Superior Court
Abbreviation Key
CAAFóCourt-appointed attorney fee.
CSWóCommunity service work.
EHAóElectronic house arrest.
Disposition of cases heard the week of Jan. 7 in Rowan Superior Probation Violations Court by Judge Chris Collier:
– Felony probation violation ó Lola Mae Archie, two charges, probation terminated; Ronald Edward Athey, continue on probation, complete Life Skills course, CAAF; Mary Magdalene Brown, probation extended 12 months, complete Project Home Maker plan; Wanda Daniels, probation extended 12 months from expiration date, complete CJPP program, transfer to intensive probation, CAAF; Hershel Nathan Davis III, 8-to-10-month sentence invoked, CAAF, work release if qualified; George Blackwell, Jessie Tilman Dilbeck III, 6-to-8-month sentence invoked, jail credit; Matthew Brandon Earnhardt, probation extended three years, modify restitution amount to $6,000, CAAF; Christopher Adam Grinstad, sentence modified to 5-to-6 months and invoked, CAAF, work release if qualified; Gary Bennett Hall Jr., also misdemeanor probation violation, probation extended 12 months from court date, can be terminated when money paid and in compliance; Robert David Jones, probation extended 12 months, CAAF, may be terminated when in compliance; Lisa Winkle Kelley, probation terminated unsuccessfully, civil judgment to be entered for CAAF; Claude Knox, probation extended 12 months; Angela Louise Lockett, 20-to-24-month sentence invoked, jail credit CAAF; Randy Guy Long Jr., probation terminated successfully; Dennis Miller, 9-to-11-month sentence invoked, jail credit; Jesse Mavrick Minton, continue on probation, 60 days EHA; Brian Leonard Moore Jr., 6-to-8-month sentence invoked, jail credit; Patricia Fanning Renko, two charges, two 5-to-6-month sentences invoked with second at expiration of first, CAAF; Kristina C. Riley, six charges, continue on probation, pay $300 a month, CAAF to be civil judgment; Jason Emmanual Roebuck, 6-to-8-month sentence invoked, jail credit, work release if qualified; Jeremy Lee Roush, 6-to-8-month sentence invoked, DART program, work release, CAAF; Tyrone T. Seawood, sentence modified to 8-to-10 months and invoked, jail credit; Anthony Detwon Smith, probation terminated; James Daniel Smith, probation extended six months, CAAF, probation may be terminated when $902 paid; Brandi Lavonne Starnes, probation extended 12 months, continue under former orders; Thomas Woodrow Steelman, two charges, two 10-to-12-month sentences invoked with second at expiration of first; Dustyn Arlen Surrat, 8-to-10-month sentence invoked, jail credit; Juvarius White, probation terminated successfully, CAAF; Steven Bryan Wiggins, 3-to-4-month sentence invoked, CAAF; Eddie Gene Williams, continue on probation and with treatment, body testing; Tony Negal Williams, also misdemeanor probation violation, continue on probation, DART program, CAAF; Andrew Wayne Willox, 6-to-8-month sentence invoked, jail credit, DART program, work release if qualified; Ira Huston, 24-to-38-month sentence invoked at defendant’s request, jail credit, work release if qualified; Rickey Wayne Carroll, 13-to-16-month sentence invoked, also four charges misdemeanor probation violation, 45-day sentences invoked in all four cases at defendant’s request; Belinda Ruth Dehamer, 4-to-5-month sentence invoked at defendant’s request, jail credit.
– Misdemeanor probation violation ó Grady Edward Austin Jr., continue on probation six months, CAAF, firearm to be destroyed; Sylvia Ann Barber, probation terminated; Tammy McFarland Blair, probation to be terminated upon payment of $640 within 10 days, CAAF; Jason Lewis Brown, judgment modified to 60 days, jail credit; Jason Lee Church, two charges, 45-day sentence invoked in one case at defendant’s request, jail credit, CAAF, 90-day sentence invoked at defendant’s request in second case; Tracy M. Clodfelter, Alesia Odetta Harper, Dawn Wright, probation terminated successfully; Loretta Ann Donovan, Lori Ruzic Donovan, Juan Francisco Granados, Brent Cory Payne, probation terminated unsuccessfully; Mary Gwen Hall, probation terminated, CAAF to be entered as civil judgment; Kesha Hashemzadeh, sentence modified to 10 days and invoked, CAAF; Billy Reid Hinson Jr., three charges, 24-month and two 120-day sentences invoked to run concurrently, CAAF, work release; Shawn Kevin Linthicum, Letitia Denise Litaker, two charges, probation terminated; Danny Lee Logan, two charges, probation extended six months, serve 10 days in jail; Damion Jermaine Morrow, three charges, probation terminated; William Bradley Noble, continue on probation, serve six days in jail at discretion of probation officer, money owed to be current within 90 days, begin Anger Management classes; Jenny Pittman, probation to be terminated upon payment of $30; Ritchie Craig Simpson, two charges, 120-day sentence invoked in one case at defendant’s request, 45-day sentence invoked in second case; Melanie Vanessa Smith, continue under former orders, serve three days in jail in lieu of CSW, CAAF; Brittany D. Thompson, 90-day sentence invoked, jail credit; Jimmy Tyrome Thompson, sentence modified to 60 days and invoked, CAAF; Joshua Martin Witman, 120-day sentence invoked at defendant’s request, jail credit; Michael Andre Parks, 60-day sentence invoked at defendant’s request.
– Misdemeanor probation violation out-of-county ó Christopher Lee Ball, continue on probation 90 days from court date, complete CSW; Crystal Purser Eudy, continue under former orders, complete Grace Court program, restitution requirement suspended until she becomes employed; Rhonda Lynn Fink, Aurora Lechelle Fudge, probation terminated, CAAF; Randy Houze, Karen Morris Olvera, probation terminated unsuccessfully; Aaron Nephi Lindsay, Angel Mae Martin, probation terminated; Jennie Ann McManus, probation to be terminated upon payment of $80.84 and CAAF within 14 days; Angelia Cheek West, probation extended six months, comply with all original terms and conditions.
– Felony probation violation out-of-county ó Justin Lamar Galarza, 13-to-16-month sentence invoked at defendant’s request, jail credit; Lori Hargett, Ronald Wayne Hargett, probation terminated unsuccessfully; Mary Elizabeth Jordan, probation extended 12 months, CAAF; Junior Allen Lafferty, 36-to-53-month sentence invoked, jail credit, work release, also misdemeanor probation violation, 12-month sentence invoked, work release; Bryan Livengood, 5-to-6-month sentence invoked, jail credit; Christina Griffin Love, two charges, 13-to-16-month sentence invoked in one case, 6-to-8-month sentence invoked in second case to run concurrently, Mary Francis Treatment Center recommended in both; Danny L. Miller, probation extended 12 months, continue on probation under prior orders; Michael Tyrell Watkins, transfer to intensive probation for remainder of probation, CAAF, strike CSW.
– Motion ó Jeffrey Wayne Pope Jr., court enters judgment, 5-6 months, suspended, 18 months probation, court cost, warrantless searches for controlled substances, not use, possess or control any illegal drugs, body testing, substance abuse assessment and abide by recommended treatment, CAAF, DNA sample.


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