letters to the editor

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Scare tactics still
target the elderly
Editor’s note: The following letter refers to mailings that claim elderly people are about to lose their Social Security payments and ask for emergency contributions to Gary Jarmin and the Seniors Center.
I am asking openly to all our elected officials, state and federal, what they are prepared to do to stop the assault of Gary Jarmin on the elderly people of this area with his scare mail and terror tactics?
If any of you reading this have elderly parents or friends, you are probably fully aware of this attack by Jarmin. His activities have previously been noted in the Salisbury Post, including a (July 8, 2007) column by editor Elizabeth Cook. And yet the people in authority have yet reacted in any manner whatsoever to his attack on the senior citizens of the area.
Jarmin is a first-line operative of the radical Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s organization. He holds many political figures in Washington in his pocket because of his “lobbying efforts,” which amounts to political protection to allow him to continue to send out “scare letters” and to terrorize elderly people.
This man, Jarmin, and the organizations he leads to solicit money from elderly people by sending “scare letters” is as much a terrorist attacking our elderly citizens as any other person deemed a terrorist that is planting horrible obstacles in our pathways as American citizens.
The real horror of this is that the political figures who have the power to stop this tactic allow him to continue because of his “lobbying maneuvers” that allow him to spread a minimal amount of the wealth gathered by these scare tactics to the political figures and then funnel the majority of the balance of the funds to himself and the Moon organizations.
When are the political leaders such as Liddy Dole and Mel Watt and others going to take a stand and do something about this horrible situation?
ó Ron Kenerly
A familiar story
Regarding Jonathan Clark’s recent letter (“Freedom speaks in many languages,” Jan. 10):
Maybe the Indians did kindly greet the English immigrants when they first arrived. However, do not try to give the impression that the Indians were completely happy the white immigrants came here.
Here are a few reasons they were not happy. The white immigrants took over all of the land and burned the Indian villages to the ground, with or without the Indians still inside their teepees. They brought venereal diseases, guns and liquor here. They raped female Indians and murdered Indian children. In other words, they almost wiped out the entire Indian population.
Afterward, they made the Indians that were left alive walk for many miles to be placed on reservations. Some Indians made it to these reservations, and some died on the way from thirst, hunger, etc. Then, the white immigrants had the gall to call the Indians savages.
So, basically, you might say that history is trying to repeat itself. The only difference this time is that a different nationality of immigrants is coming to take “our land, jobs, homes and benefits.
Don’t take this the wrong way, because I do love every human being that God created. It is the evil things that people do to other people that I hate.
ó Ellie Mae Lambert