darts and laurels

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 25, 2008

Laurels to this week’s groundbreaking for expanded facilities at Rowan Vocational Opportunities, which needs additional space to serve more multi-handicapped clients. In its work with the disabled, RVO has for many years been a vital resource for individuals, their families and the community by providing a supportive, structured environment where clients can learn skills, develop more independence and perhaps eventually transition into other areas of employment. In turn, businesses have benefitted from the work those clients do. More recently, RVO has taken a larger role in working with multi-handicapped individuals through its Community Alternative Program, which has seen an increase in participants as the state mental health system transfers more disabled people out of institutional settings. While there’s debate over some of the state’s mental-health changes, there’s no question about the success of the programs at Rowan Vocational Opportunities. Both clients and businesses have greatly benefitted from RVO’s work, and with continued support from benefactors, the expansion will enable it to provide those services on a broader scale. (For more information on Rowan Vocational Opportunities, visit its Web site at www.rowanvocopp.org or call 704-633-6223.)
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Dart to Salisbury attorney Todd Paris for reading a racy magazine during a court session and then trying to rationalize his behavior before District Judge Kevin Eddinger. While the $300 fine and 15-day suspended sentence may earn Eddinger the nickname “Maxim Kevin,” the judge was justified. When lawyers themselves don’t respect the decorum and dignity of the courtroom, it really lowers the bar ó in all senses of the word.
– – –
Dart to the thief or thieves who swiped musical instruments (including several sousaphones) from the marching band at N.C. Central University. The loss of the instruments, taken from locker rooms on at least two occasions, threatened to derail the band’s participation this weekend in the annual Battle of the Bands competition in Atlanta. Fortunately, using borrowed instruments, N.C. Central overcame this major sour note, and the band played on.
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