Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Collett Street Recreation Center will be the playing site for Morganton’s Ice Breaker Sectional Tournament scheduled for Jan. 25-27. Eldon Clayman is tournament chair.
Marie Pugh and Dick Brisbin placed first in our weekly duplicate game last Tuesday evening at the Salisbury Woman’s Club.
Other winners were: Gloria Bryant and Craig Poplin, second; Myrtle Brandon and Betsy Bare, third; Myrnie and John McLaughlin, fourth.
We were glad to have Eunice Rebrey play with us for the first time. She paired with Betty Bonner Steele.
This was the deal on Board 21 from Tuesday’s game:
North dealer, only N/S vulnerable
«A 8 6a Q 6 2
u J 8 6 2
¨ 10 9 5
« J 8 4 « K Q
a A K 10 9 a 8 3
u Q 9 u K 7 5 4
¨ 8 7 6 3 ¨ K Q J 4 2
« 10 7 5 3 2
a J 7 5 4
u A 10 3
¨ A
Betsy Bare and Myrtle Brandon played a 3 clubs contract, making four, for the best E/W score on this deal.
The Brisbin/Pugh pair defeated their East opponent’s three no trumps contract one trick for the top N/S score.
In the Evergreen Club’s Jan. 11 duplicate game, Phoebe Beard and Billy Burke scored high overall and first E/W. Ruth Bowles and Marie Pugh placed first N/S.
Other winners were: N/S óNancy Stanback and Loyd Hill, second; Betsy Bare and Myrtle Brandon, third. E/W ó Jean Hill and Loren Parkinson, second; Joe O’Brien and Genny Mozolak, third.n n nBilly Burke is ACBL, Life Master director of the Salisbury Woman’s Club weekly duplicate games.