District Court Jan. 17

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 22, 2008

District Court
Abbreviation Key
CAAFóCourt-appointed attorney fee.
CSWóCommunity service work.
DCóDismissed by the court.
NGóNot guilty.
PJC/CóPrayer for judgment continued/court costs.
VDóDismissal without leave by district attorney.
Disposition of cases heard Jan. 17 in Rowan District Private Warrants Court by Judge Marshall Bickett:
– Harassing phone call ó Jason Lee Church, 60 days; Darren O’Neil Smith, DC, frivolous prosecution; Jeffery Clyde Stoner, 60 days, suspended 24 months, $100 fine, court cost, no contact with state witness/family, remain away from property, also communicating threats, VD.
– Cyberstalking ó Thomas Frizzell, 45 days, suspended 18 months, court cost, CAAF, no contact with state witness, niece or daughter and remain away from property.
– Simple assault ó Mechelle Glenn, two charges, 45 days, suspended, 24 months probation, $100 fine, court cost, 48 hours CSW, restitution, no contact with state witness; Cassie Leeann Johnson, Tameka Danielle Jordan, VD, frivolous prosecution; Dennis K. Plowman, 45 days, suspended 18 months, $50 fine, court cost, not assault state witness; Dawn Michelle Wilkerson, VD.
– Second-degree trespassing ó Phillip R. Hoffner, two charges, nine days in one case, credit time served, 15 days in second case, suspended, 12 months probation, court cost.
– Assault and battery ó Rhonda Isbanioly, 45 days, suspended 18 months, $50 fine, court cost, no contact with state witness.
– Threatening phone call ó Billy Joe Kemp, PJC/C; Christopher Lowman, 30 days, suspended 18 months, court cost, not contact state witness.
– Injury to real property ó Tommy Ray Lyerly, DC, also second-degree trespassing, DC.
– Communicating threats ó Ben Moose, NG.
– Assault with a deadly weapon ó Kermit Parks, NG, also assault by pointing a gun and second-degree trespassing, PJC/C, take hunter safety course, not contact state witness; Pamela Smith, Sumatra Smith, NG; Felicia Leanne Walter, VD.
– Unauthorized use of motor vehicle ó Stacey Warren Price, NG.