letters to the editor

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 18, 2008

‘Pork Rind Ride’
gives vets a boost
When Julia Merrick, occupational therapist at the Salisbury VA, needed coffee and snacks for her group therapy patients, she was surprised where the help came from. “The Winston-Salem Hogs” (motorcycle riders and givers to charitable causes) were looking to support their regional VA hospital here in town when they heard of Julia’s need.
On a recent weekend afternoon they rode in on two dozen motorcycles, accompanied by a panel van full of coffee, snacks and goodies for Julia’s hospitalized veterans. The bikers were then guided on a tour of the longterm and rehabilitation building of the hospital after their arrival.
Just last summer the Winston-Salem Hogs, 75 bikes strong, rode for “Anita,” a 10-year-old cancer victim, to help her family with medical expenses. This effort was named, “Ride for an Angel.”
We’ve dubbed this ride for our Salisbury hospitalized veterans “The Pork Rind Ride.” Julia expresses her sincere gratitude for this effort by concerned motorcyclists in our region.
ó Hugh Deadwyler
You were all dears
A few weeks ago while en route to work, I encountered the experience of a deer leaping into my path right into my headlights. I was horrified! Needless to say this encounter left me quite shaken.
As I pulled over, I was not alone. One of the cars following me pulled over as well. Two lovely angels by the name of Lesley Boan and her brother, Kenny, stopped to see if I was OK. What a courageous act to stop and assist a stranger, but this is what angels do, right? I’m eternally grateful to Lesley and Kenny as well as to Officer Mallet, who was called to the scene. Officer Mallet was very patient, kind and helpful.
On this particular morning, I was experiencing something very dreadful, yet quite inspiring, due to some lovely angels who gave of their efforts and time to assist me.
I was and still remain very grateful. While I was faced with the challenge of taking care of all the necessary paperwork and phone calls, Lesley offered me the comfort of her warm automobile. I will be forever appreciative. What an angel! You, Lesley, are a real jewel! Thanks also to Mayor Mary Ponds for going beyond the call of duty. You are appreciated immensely!
ó Sue Patton
A clean sweep
I had the pleasure of observing a team from our city street crew picking up leaves on Frances Street today. The three- man team worked with such precision and did such an excellent job that I wanted to say thank you for a job well done.
ó Bill Wallin