letters to the editor

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dignity worth more than fame, wealth
What has happened to this great country? What a shame to see so many dress and act like old rag pickers. Boys and some dads wear their pants with the crotch down to their knees and then walk on the leg bottoms. Some mothers and girls dress with respect but most have a big problem, with tight, short clothes, low-cut tops and junk hanging from their nose, ears, eyes and elsewhere. Some wear bathing suits made with two three-cent stamps, one six-cent stamp and string.
Look at the movie, TV and sports people. Because they have fame and money, they can do however they want. Young people think what those people do or say is the way to live each day. How sad. How many robberies, shootings, murders do we have each day?
Many say they are smart and educated. The smart is debatable. They buy homes, cars and other things they can’t afford, using credit cards and going into debt.
When you can’t pay for it, do I feel sorry for you? Yes, but no ó you want it yesterday but don’t take the time to earn it.
I’m sure glad I was born in the 1920s, grew up in the 1930s, lived the hard life, learned respect and to take pride in ourselves, our country and our fellow man. We had no credit cards and not many telephones.
What will our great-grandchildren have in the future?
ó William Terheun
Job-hunt strategies
This letter is in response to Bobby Burton (“Job search full of frustrations,” Jan. 14) I am not sure if I have ever in my life actually gotten a job through the North Carolina Employment Commission, also known as the “Unemployment Office.” I have, however, gotten several breaks that I would have missed if I had not stopped in to visit the local temporary job services in town.
A good applicant for work will find that these businesses open the doors to well-paying jobs that often lead to full-time employment. Successful applicants will have their employment records, including references, in hand when visiting the temporary job offices and will hopefully not have police records.
Mr. Burton, I encourage you to look into this avenue of opportunity soon. I have used these services on several occasions. Now, I am very happily employed full time here in Salisbury, just minutes from home. I wish you the best in looking for your next career position.
ó Tony Phillips
Hold those tigers
Why would county commissioners even consider allowing 30 tigers etc. in East Rowan? Don’t they watch the CNN news? A boy was killed by a tiger that escaped at a San Francisco zoo. Also, a few years ago, an entertainer in Las Vegas was mauled badly by a pet white tiger that lived in his house.
These are wild animals, and East Rowan is a residential area.
Are they crazy?
ó Anne Greene