letters to the editor

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 31, 2007

My 2020 vision
for city of Salisbury
– After 10 years, the Treme Convention Center on South Main has been upfitted as a fitness center at no cost to taxpayers.
– Downtown Salisbury now has trained police dogs on Segways to mark the tires of parking violators.
– Mayor Kluttz (16th term in office) celebrates the end of diversity due to lack of interest.
– Crime and gangs are history, thanks to GPS computer chips implanted into criminals and aliens.
– Yadkin River Bridge replacement cost estimate is now at $440 million to connect 16-lane I-85 to the Raceland theme park in Davidson County.
– Hap’s Grill is fined because grilled-onion smell is proven addictive to small children. Cheerwine skin patch released.
– The plot of John Hart’s newly released 15th novel centers on city employees’ night life at local bars.
– $700 average water bills reflect global warming and added public-art fees.
– Since ef&gBay has replaced Jesus for all worldly needs, the Methodist Church plans adaptive reuse by the Historic Society as a pool hall and halfway house for Fisher Street displaced citizens.
– Salisbury’s new logo “Look on the other side” is aimed at passengers on the new ultra-light rail that uses vacuum tunnels to whisk riders to metro areas by passing our town, but stopping in Murdopolis.
ó Clyde Overcash
Jackson’s generosityI would like to take a minute to thank Bobby Jackson for what he has done for Salisbury. I wish that more athletes would be more like Mr. Jackson. He has never forgotten where he came from or what he stands for. As a Salisbury High graduate, it gives me a good feeling to see what Bobby has done.
Bobby, thanks again for still caring for your community. Good luck in your future.
ó Kenneth Womble