Traffic signal best way to decrease danger

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 13, 2007

Traffic signal is best way to decrease the danger
Regarding the Aug. 9 story “Carson High will have sheriff’s deputy directing peak-time traffic”:
I just wanted to share how happy I am to hear that we are at least looking at the traffic problem at Carson High School. My son will be a sophomore this year and just got his learner’s permit. I will be terrified next year when he drives himself to school. The traffic is more bearable during the afternoon hours, but the mornings are scary, even for someone like myself who has driven for years. The trucks go very fast, and drivers cannot turn left any time in the morning coming out of the school.
I agree with Barbara Welter (regarding installation of a traffic signal). If the problem is money, I will walk door to door with her and collect it. Last year I watched several accidents that occurred with young student drivers. These are the times we need to be looking out for them and not setting them up to hurt themselves.
ó Anna Worrel
Continued pain at pump
It is painful to know that we have the greediest service station owners. I was going to Boone the other day and gas was 20 cents a gallon cheaper in Mocksville and Wilkesboro than in Salisbury. My question to you is, when is enough enough?
ó Glenn Thomson