Some well-placed darts and laurels

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 2, 2007

Some well-placed darts and laurels
Laurels to The Salisbury Post for “darting” County Commissioner Jim Sides for his personal vendetta against Salisbury’s city manager (Saturday, July 28). Darts for Sides’ brand of self-centered obstructionism becoming a weekly feature of the paper.
But darts to the Post for not raising a fuss over the mutilation of the trees on the Fulton Street side of First Presbyterian Church. Duke Energy elevated commercial interests over aesthetics and the environment when it changed beautifully shaped, mature trees into grotesque, misshapen life forms.
Sadly, citizens have accepted this flagrant disregard for trees that happen to be growing near power lines. Why not move the power lines or bury them to protect the trees? Sound preposterous? So did the preservation of Salisbury’s historic homes in 1972.
ó Pete Prunkl
Never mind smoke
As I read the July 30 letter to the editor regarding 5 Guys being a smoke-free facility, I giggled a bit. Yes, being smoke-free is great! Patrons do not need to worry about getting lung cancer or emphysema while eating their double-cheeseburger and yummy, homemade, “enough fries to feed six” french fries!
I mean come on! Am I the only one finding irony here? Don’t get me wrong! I love, love, love 5 Guys! I firmly believe they are the best cheeseburger chain I’ve ever eaten at in all of my life! However, being free of secondhand smoke is really the least of our worries if we are eating there!
ó GiGi Stirewalt


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