Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 28, 2007

Staff report
Rowan County was awarded a forfeit victory in Game 1 of the Area III championship series against Randolph County.
After a seven-game series with South Rowan, Randolph decided to give its players a day to rest Saturday, when Game 1 was scheduled.
Despite an original ruling Friday night that gave Randolph County homefield advantage, Rowan ended up getting four games at home, the first of which was Saturday’s forfeit. Game 2 takes place tonight at Randolph County, and the best-of-seven series will alternate between Newman Park and McCrary Park until the series concludes.
“I guess being up 1-0 is a good thing, but I still think we’re getting gipped,” Rowan coach Jim Gantt said. “If they won the coin toss, the game oughtta be back at our place. From a financial standpoint, that affects a lot of things from money for the state tournament to scholarships to amenities for the field. We’re talking a potential $5,000 we’re gonna miss out on. There’s more to it involved than just playing. I just can’t understand how a forfeit is an option.
“Once you start trying to do what’s in the best interest of somebody, at that time you’re in trouble. If you have to keep rethinking it or changing the format, it wasn’t planned out enough to begin with.”