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Published 12:00 am Friday, July 27, 2007

By Paul Birkhead
Rowan Public Library
Admitting you have a problem ó isn’t that considered the first step in rehabilitation?
Well, I must be on my way to recovery then, because I admit that I’m a clutterholic. I have a bad habit of keeping things that should be thrown out or given away. Why do I do it?
I’m sure I can blame it on genetics (thanks Grams) or on circumstances (house downsizing), but mostly I can’t stand the thought of getting rid of something that I might need later. Throw disorganization in the mix and you have the recipe for chaos.
I must not be the only one struggling with clutter control and organization, because Rowan Public Library has dozens of books about the subject. There’s possibly no better place to start the recovery process than at the library. Almost as if to set an example, all the books on organization are waiting, lined up on the shelves in perfect order.
One title that jumped out at me right away was, “It’s All Too Much,” by Peter Walsh. Clutter busting is nothing new to Walsh, as he is the host of TLC’s popular show “Clean Sweep.” Followers of the program swear by Walsh’s methods of removing clutter from the home and he shares the same secrets in this book. Not sure you even have a problem? Take the clutter quiz and find out. I took it and trust me, it wasn’t pretty.
Although written for a younger crowd, “Organizing from the Inside Out for Teens,” had some good tips that we all can learn from. Written by Julie and Jessi Morgenstern, a mother and daughter team, the book shows teenagers how to organize everything in their lives, from their backpacks to their rooms. Glowing reviews from both parents and teens make this a must-read, especially if there is a teenager living in your house.
“Seven Layers of Organization” is good to read once you are determined to get organized. Written by Christopher Lowell, Discovery Network star and designer extraordinaire, this book outlines a plan for organization in seven simple steps or layers. The last section features room makeovers with plenty of stunning photographs. “Storage Solutions” not only tells you how to get organized, it shows you the tools you’ll need to get organized. And I don’t mean tools, as in ideas. This book demonstrates how to actually build the cabinets, shelves and cases that you need to store the belongings you decided to keep.
If you can’t open your closet without getting a sickening feeling, don’t fret. If you’re tired of the things you own owning you, don’t give up hope. Rowan Public Library has the books you need to eliminate clutter from your life and get organized.
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