Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 10, 2007

‘We’ are the reason
gangs on the rise
Regarding gangs in Rowan County:
St. Matthew 18:17 says: “And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church.”
I read Mark Wineka’s July 4 article (on the city’s anti-gang plans), and it was good. But the truth of the matter is, we have only one problem with gangs increasing in America ó “us.” We need to stop looking at the kids as the problem and look at the parents. Start using the 10 percent who go to churches and start using the congregation for what God meant.
I like the mentoring/tutoring deal. That’s a start. But the real problem solver is right in the church, in every community. Preachers need to get the members dressed out and ready to gang-bang for God. Stop worrying about selling a CD/DVD. We know where the gang areas are in our community. Reach the parents of the kids. Educate them and offer help if needed.
The truth of the problem is that “we,” as adults, parents, big brothers and sisters, are failing the kids, all because of selfishnesss and minds obsessed with gaining material wealth.
You can stand together as a community and call the problem out now or keep sitting in that small corner of the world, while the problem caves in on you.
ó Flint F. Johnson Jr.
Piedmont Correctional Institution
Not good enough
“Well said” to Bill Bowman’s July 2 letter concerning the attitude of town manager Eric Davis. As a business owner of 25 years in China Grove, I agree there is a serious problem with his leadership. Many businesses have failed to stay in business since his arrival. Maybe this is their time to speak up as well. Some say Mr. Davis is doing a good job. I’m sure he has done some good for China Grove. “Some good” is not good enough if you’re less than professional every day, making an effort to do what is right concerning every citizen in the town that you serve. Managers that offend even one taxpayer should be addressed by our board for some form of action to be taken. Some say Mr. Davis’ leadership in getting the Unified Development Ordinance passed is good for the town. I disagree; the former ordinances gave the town more than enough regulations and control concerning our private property. What I’m saying is, we need to stand together for private property rights and change anti-business/taxpayer laws.
These ordinances can be changed with good leadership.
In closing, I see this happening not just in China Grove, but also in other towns where leaders are creating more and more bureaucracy concerning private enterprises.
Change will happen when the attitude of leaders is pro-business and pro-taxpayer. Business owners and property owners need to stand together and let our voices be heard now. Please remember on election day to vote for change.
ó Jim Whitley
China Grove
Buddy-buddy politicsThis letter is in response to Steve Stroud’s July 9 letter:
Yes, there is a hidden agenda, but it comes from you. You want your buddy Eric Davis to stay in China Grove so you can run an illegal business in R1 zoning. When the Zoning Board of Adjustment met on Jan. 25, the town planner was told to send you a letter to find another place to run your business. Unless it was done within the last couple of weeks, it still has not been written. The reason for this is because nobody who works for the town of China Grove can do anything until they clear it with Mr. Davis. It was OK for them to make Randy Page move his business to Landis, but you can sit here in R1. Don’t say that you are grandfathered because that doesn’t work, and don’t say that you are legal when you work in your shop until late at night and get supplies from 18 wheelers. Now tell us who has the agenda. It is not the people on the board but you. You are another example of the double standard in this town. You are also one of the people who tried to get rid of the Zoning Board of Adjustment.
The town has received a letter from a lawyer wanting to know what has been done with your situation. He has not heard anything yet. You know that the only one that can change the ruling of the Zoning Board of Adjustment is a judge.
I think that it is time for this buddy-buddy thing to stop and do what is good for the people.
ó Lois F. Elliott
China Grove
Elliott is chairman of China Grove’s Zoning Board of Adjustment.
An editor’s note on Monday’s opinion page misstated Jane Hartness’ position with the Humane Society of Rowan County. Hartness is treasurer; Rose Corriher is president.
I read the artcle on the internet about Rayshun McDowell stopping a rabid fox from getting to others. Hero’s come at all ages! IMO a hero is someone who helps someone else!
ó Ray Johnson
Newark, Ohio