Published 12:00 am Monday, July 9, 2007

Enochville frustrated
on incorporation plan
I wish this were an election year for senate and house reps because I’m going to tell you that our reps are not representing the citizens of Enochville towards our incorporation efforts.
Since 2003, it has taken a lot of hard, time consuming work and effort by citizens to get the proper documentation, statistics and budget prepared for our incorporation proposal.
Enochville met all the requirements in record time, but since we were unable to get a resolution from Kannapolis, we approached our state representatives, stated our case and asked for representation on drafting and presenting a bill on our behalf to the House floor.
State Sen. Andrew Brock and Rep. Fred Steen told the committee and citizens in January 2007 that they would support us. In February 2007 we were told our bill was being written by Brock, yet when we e-mail or phone, we get no response.
It’s almost as if they have caller ID and say to themselves, “Don’t answer. It’s Enochville again.”
Is this how our elected officials treat their voting constituents who believe in their cause of self government?
รณ Yolonda Shimpock
Shimpock is chairman of Enochville Incorporation.