Published 12:00 am Friday, June 29, 2007

Put Godbey Road at top of the list
On Thursday, I read with great interest the list of roads to be paved. As far as I am aware, these roads do not have the traffic that Godbey Road has.
The people who decided these roads needed paving have never driven Godbey Road, from Parks Road to Woodleaf Road. If they had, or if they lived on this road, it would be at the top of the list to be paved.
About 11/2 miles off Woodleaf Road is a very sharp curve. If you try to drive the speed limit, you take a chance of losing control of your vehicle or bursting a tire because of the way the road is beat up and dug out from all the heavy trucks traveling on this road to the county landfill.
You cannot keep your car’s front end in alignment because of the condition of this road.
Also, at the intersection of Godbey Road and Messick Road, there are 10 mailboxes and a deep rut between the pavement and the boxes. When it rains, this rut fills up with water and is muddy. I have called numerous times to get the state to fix this. My husband has called numerous times, and the Post Office has called.
We have been told that John Thomason will call us back. This has been going on since February, and no one has called us back, and it hasn’t been fixed.
I don’t know what my tax dollars are being spent on, but it is not to fix Godbey Road, which is in terrible condition, or to get a small amount of gravel put under the mailbox to help the mail and paper carriers.
ó Linda Messick
What would Reagan say?
Tax and spend, tax and spend, when will it end? Not anytime soon if you live in Rowan County.
The tax man cometh next month, and he will snatch a lot of my money, your money and our money to feed the ever-growing county government.
Who are the county commissioners responsible for this tax-and-spend increase? These guys are anything but conservative, at least with our tax dollars. Remember their names when you open your tax bill in a few days, so you will know who to thank. The tax-and-spend commissioners are: Jon Barber, Arnold Chamberlain and Chad Mitchell.
Our local Republican Party must be so proud that it has dropped its conservative crown and embraced the tax-and-spend model of big government.
Big government ó tax and spend ó does not sound very Republican to me! If you live in Rowan County (the land of tax and spend), leopards do change their spots if they are elected as Republicans.
What would President Ronald Reagan think about our tax-and-spend Republican county commissioners, Mr. Barber, Mr. Chamberlain and Mr. Mitchell?
ó Terry Carter
Here’s a no vote
for the manager
I am writing concerning the remark made by China Grove Mayor Don Bringle appearing in the June 26 Post that he had “heard no public support for removing Eric Davis from the position” of town manager of China Grove. I have been a business owner in Rowan County and specifically in China Grove since being annexed into the city. At that time, Eric Davis targeted this same business and declared that he would close it down because it was a public nuisance.
Davis’ actions cost my partner and me about $35,000 in lost rents, attorney fees and remodeling work on a piece of property known as El Carnival.
I would like to be the first to give all the support and encouragement that I can muster to see him removed from any position of authority. His attitude of “my way or the highway” does not reflect a government of the people, by the people and especially not for the people.
As for Aldermen Troy Elliott, Allen Welter and Harold Simpson recognizing his egotistical, manipulative and discriminatory attitude, I would like to give them a heartfelt thanks.
ó Bill Bowman
Fire chief has done a good job
Regarding the possible dismissal of East Spencer Fire Chief Skipper Davis:
Administrator Richard Hunter and Mayor Erma Jefferies, what’s wrong with you! Have you fired the wrong one?
The allegations you made against Skipper are wrong, and you know it. Someone else has sticky fingers, and just because he does what is right, you fire him.
Do not fire Skipper. Fire yourselves. Lieutenant Schmierer needs to have the permanent position as police chief, and Skipper Davis needs to keep his position.
ó Jo Keller
What are they up to these days?
I think that it is good that information about the CIA’s past illegal, and unethical, activities has been released. But we must not forget that this information is nothing new. The funny thing is that these activities are now legal, or acceptable, thanks to the Patriot Act and the global war on terror. I would like to see the government release information about the CIA’s activities since 9/11.
ó Chuck Mann
Would troops want magazines?
I need some help! I have at least two-three years of “Our State” magazines, and I do not want to throw them away. I would really love to send them to our soldiers from North Carolina, but I do not know how to go about sending them or even getting them to the soldiers.
If someone knows, please call me. We would love to send them for the soldiers to read. My number is 704-647-0213; if we are not home, please leave us a message.
I sure hope someone calls and tells us how to do this.
ó Wendy Kyles-Eller
Racetrack offers real opportunity I am an Iredell resident and hope that High Rock Raceway becomes a great asset for your community. I hope your residents realize the opportunity they have to leverage the economics and diversity that a race track can bring to the town. Embrace it and hold the developer accountable to conforming to clearly defined zoning rules. Only with opportunity can great things happen.
ó Jim Ballard