Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Police are quick to shoot animals
I can’t believe the police shot the bear, Boo-Boo!
Why didn’t police in others towns capture it and release the bear back into the wild? Someone in North Carolina must have a tranquilizer gun ó why didn’t they use it?
They said there were kids playing outside near where the bear was; why didn’t they tell the kids to go in the house instead of shooting the bear?
I think the police are quick to shoot an animal; if it’s not a bear, it’s a pit bull.
The way many people tie up dogs on a short chain, it’s a wonder they don’t bite more people.
There should be a law in North Carolina to stop people from chaining dogs ó it’s abuse!
ó Joan A. Batson
Spare the bear
I don’t know what’s worse ó the Thomasville Police Department for shooting an innocent bear or the Salisbury Post for putting a picture of the dead bear on the front of the paper.
Rather than spend all the man hours tracking the bear and the media reporting its every movement throughout several counties, why didn’t they pay someone “competent and qualified” to come in and remove the bear, take it to a safe location so that no humans would be harmed and spare the life of the bear?
Why do we need to see a picture of the dead bear? If the officer who shot it wants a souvenir, send it to him.
ó Donna Deal
SalisburyInsensitive photo
There is a fine line between tasteful and distasteful news. The insensitive photo of a dead and bloody bear on the front page crosses that line. This was a sad case of wildlife tragically crossing over in to the world of humans which ended unnecessarily bad for the bear, only to be downplayed with a shocking title of “Boo-Boo no more.” Didn’t realize the writers from the Post were so insensitive to our native wildlife.
ó Paul Land
Post offenders’ pics
This is my opinion only, but I would like to see all sex offenders’ photos posted at the beginning of the street that they live on. This would help people to know who you might be living beside. There are other towns that do this. Why can’t Spencer adopt this?
ó Billy Watkins
Save our vacations
Maligning and defaming Rep. Lorene Coates? Well, well, I seem to have pushed a few buttons. Obviously, people have their own take on the effects of HB359. Me, I’m not happy with it. If you think I’m wrong, fine ó write Lorene Coates and tell her she made a good choice. That’s what democracy is all about.
Myself, I think kids and their families should be able to vacation, not just at the beach, but in local pools, lakes and rivers during most of August. I applaud the school board’s decision to start school on Aug. 25; however it would have been nice to see it done before a state law requiring them to do so was enacted.
My information on HB359 came from the records of the bill found online at the North Carolina Legislature Web site. It lists two primary and 19 co-sponsors. Coates is listed with those under the heading “Co.” If the official N.C. Legislature Web site is in error, I suggest Rep. Coates take it up with them.
Fred Steen is not my representative, so I overlooked him as a Rowan representative. My mistake, so in this instance, if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck … even though he is a Republican, he would be a crony. So, good job in helping make his voting record known.
Lastly, whether you are a Republican, Democrat or member of the Bull Moose Party, it is often difficult to keep track of how your state and federal representatives actually represented your voice.
That information is available to you fairly easily via the Internet. I urge everyone to visit and and/or the State Legislature Web site. This way you can easily see how your elected representatives voted on issues of interest to you.
ó Wayne Remes