Published 12:00 am Monday, June 4, 2007

Parole of murderer defies explanation
I am the daughter of Leo A. and Georgia S. Lussier. Both of my parents were murdered in their Kannapolis home on June 4, 1986 by Margaret Perry. She was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences, and we were told by the judge that she would never be eligible for parole and that she would die in prison. The prosicuting attorney did not seek the death penalty because a woman had never received the death penalty, and they were convinced that she would not be the first. She did plead guilty to murdering both of my parents and was sentenced.
I read an article in The Salisbury Post that said she was released from prison on May 30. I am still trying to figure out why the parole board did not contact anyone in my family, as we were told they would do if she came up for parole, so that we would have the opportunity to tell our side of the story to the board in hopes that they would not let her out. I am a law abiding citizen, but I can tell you that this really destroys my faith in our judicial system. To think that you can kill two people and only serve 10 years for each count is just unbearable to even think about.
I called the parole board yesterday, at which time I was told that “it was none of my business” that she had been released and that they did not owe me any explanation of why she was released.
I can assure you that I will not stop until I have the answer as to why a North Carolina parole board has the right to release a prisoner who was sentenced to serve two consecutive sentences. What are they thinking? If they let out convicted killers, they will let anyone out.
ó Denise Lussier Morrissette
Richmond, Va.
Revamp graduations
Regarding the June 1 letter about the inconvenience of high-school graduation ceremonies:
I, too, agree with Karen Goins. Karen is not alone in having family from out of town left out or some not able to be invited due to space. It’s a great moment in a child’s life. Why limit it when sometimes there are many who helped contribute to this moment, only to be left out at graduation?
When I was in school, the ceremony was planned for the football field; in case of rain, it would then be moved to the gym and limited because it had to be. In two weeks, my daughter will proudly walk across the stage, and now, we must decide who will get the golden tickets. There is also a sense of pride in some to have that last moment at their own school, with the school’s history as its backdrop.
Karen is right ó it’s too late for many of us but not for future graduations. Please, school board members, take a few minutes and reconsider this option for future parents and family to allow them to share in this glorious experience.
ó Chuck Fiello Jr.
China Grove
Taxing in reverse
We’ve all heard of “reverse mortgages” … this is about “reverse taxing.” Let’s say a person is now paying $1,000 per year in personal property taxes. By reducing the tax by 10 percent each year, the tax could be eliminated in 20 years. Finally, this person could actually own his home. Now he could possibly be able to afford necessary repairs.
Stamps! No more going to the Post Office for stamps. Let Duke Power, City of Salisbury, CableVision etc. send pre-stamped envelopes at the time they send bills each month. (The cost could be a business expense ó deductible.)
Stop lights! No more waiting ó increasing pollution and wasting times ó for the light to turn green. Install “magic eyes” at stop-light areas. When cars are not coming, right or left, your light automatically turns green while the other turns red. Normal operation continues when normal traffic flow resumes.
The on-board diagnostic system (OBD) on your car should not be allowed. One light, the “service engine soon” light comes on and stays on after the car is started. This light is supposed to indicate a malfunction, but where is the problem? Nobody knows! Several things can cause the light to come on, such as a plug misfire, gas cap, purge valve, oxygen sensor, computer; many other things can cause this “sophisticated” system to caused the service-engine light to come on. If the light is on, your car will not pass the state inspection. The cost to fix the problem can be $300-$1,000 or more. The mechanic is getting rich, and the customer is getting stuck, thanks to the N.C. law.
The OBD system should “pinpoint” the problem, or the system should not be allowed.
ó Gus Knox
headilne ehadilne headilne
Look around you young man and you will see people as I saw people. Some people I saw were going places and it looked as though they didnt even have to spend a dime to do it. It was just done. I saw other people too, who seemed to run into as many problems as there was sand at the beach.
There’s a trick to this that you may or may or you may not see. All you have to do is stopand look.
There are people who go though their whole lives, and although they may change at any time, they go their whole lives not looking one day ahead. They do not see the consequences of their actions even if that action is simply choosing a lane at a stop light. People who look ahead, even when simply choosing a lane at a stoplight, will ever so slowly perhaps, but will eventually get farther and farther ahead with less and less expense. Less and less expense on their bodies and less expense their souls.
These peopleare the people you see who are taking great summer vacations and who spending as much as they want to on good food, souvenirs, and fun. The people you see at the head of the checkout line, and at the front of the free gift lines, are the people who stop and think ahead. Stop for one minute right now and see how far ahead you can see, and see if there is one decision that you can make right now that is better just because you stopped for one minute to consider the alternative to what you were going to do. Just try.
This is something that I had to see through my own young eyes, and then figure out on my own over years. Sometimes you may think that you’re going crazy, but eventually, you’ll begin to see patterns that will make sense to you and that will make your life much easier and more profitable. Sometimes, you’ll find that you only have a split second to make that calculated decision. Sometimes you just have to guess but, you still must take the time to consider it. I tell you this not as advice, but as some one whispering to you, a secret of life.
Please pass this on to as many young people as will listen.
ó Tony Phillips