Published 12:00 am Friday, June 1, 2007

Leak on wind tunnel
leaves a dark cloud
The May 16 and May 26 articles on the wind tunnel project were very good news for the people of Rowan County, except for one thing, as Bruce Jones said in the May 26 article “Leak on new wind tunnel a serious matter.” One or more commissioners has talked to the Post. They have broken the EDC board’s request for confidentiality on this very important project.
I think the May 16 article gives us an idea as to where this leak came from. There was a lot of discussion from a commissioner about incentives. Read what Bruce Jones has to say in the May 26 article. The county is well ahead on giving these incentives. I am 100 percent for them, also.
I hope the person or persons who leaked the information to the Post will come forward. This will take the dark cloud off the other commissioners. Some recent actions by commissioners on the fair grounds, Smoke Out, the vote on Toyota Racing Development and now the wind tunnel, a $60 million project, have put Rowan County at the bottom of the list. Look around at other counties. You won’t see all of this turmoil that has taken place here in Rowan. And remember, we will eventually find out which commissioner made this $60 million leak.
ó Frank Deal
Trinket of socialism
Recently, I read in the news that France rejected socialism in favor of a conservative candidate for its president. Some months ago, I read where China enshrined private property rights in its constitution. It is amazing that with socialism the proven failure it has been elsewhere, Rowan County is still considering snuffing out private property rights through a comprehensive land-use plan. What’s more amazing is that the board of commissioners pushing through this ill-conceived trinket of socialism all ran on conservative platforms! I can only think of one thing to say: “Vive la France!”
ó Jack Fisher
Happy with VA care
Nothing is ever going to be perfect, but if you compared the satisfaction received by the majority of the veterans receiving medical care at the VA, I am sure you would realize the overwhelming success of the system.
I had an anaphalytic reaction to a prescribed medicine last week and spent one night in the hospital. The care that I received from the heart doctor, David A. Rosen, Nurse Malraffey and all the medical staff in the emergency room and on the floor was fantastic. They administered the medicine and tested me completely, with follow-up instructions.
I have used the VA for all my medical needs since the Persian Gulf War in 1991 and wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. I have always been completely satisfied with the professional care I have received. So, there is one plus for the VA. Thanks to all of you!
ó Elaine Howle
China Grove