Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What about our own citizens?
If states can have a lottery for whatever reason they decide, why can’t the federal government have a lottery for Social Security? It could also help with health care for our senior citizens.
If we are letting illegal immigrants receive free health care for themselves and their children, why can’t legal American seniors get the same benefits?
If you go to any Social Services office anywhere, 90 percent of the people waiting to receive benefits are probably illegal immigrants from Mexico. What’s that doing, dollar-wise, to our social system? Not to mention our educational system. I don’t want to get into that because the United States would educate the whole world if it could, no matter the cost. That’s why we now have a lot of terrorists around the world. After all, the terrorists that flew the planes into the twin towers received their education here in the United States.
Our president, Congress and the Senate talk about democracy. Yet our president says he determines the final word. That sounds like a dictator to me. Is that what democracy means?
Our schools and colleges offer education to anyone in the world. That’s why the Chinese and other governments have benefitted from technology obtained from ó you guessed it ó the United States. Just ask Bill Gates. He’s preparing to pass on technology to communist China right now. Patriotism isn’t important anymore; it’s how much are you willing to pay to big business and government officials. They call it fair trade; I call it traitors to the American people.
Look at the record, folks. Social Security is in bad shape. Education needs funding continuously. So many illegals are in our country, we’ve become bilingual. Most of our jobs have gone to Mexico, China and other countries.
Thanks, Senator Dole and the rest of the Senate, Rep. Robin Hayes and rest of Congress, along with Gov. Mike Easley.
ó James D. Gordon
Oppose new tax on car buyers
As a member of the North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association, I am greatly concerned about a tax bill that would more than double the state’s highway use tax. Senate Bill 1201, sponsored by Sen. Daniel Clodfelter of Mecklenburg County, has the potential to double or triple the tax that car buyers pay when buying a new car or truck.
North Carolina consumers would pay a Highway Tax of 6.75 percent, rather than the current 3 percent. In addition, consumers would not get any tax credit for their trade-in as they do under the current law. This new tax proposal could add $20-$30 on many monthly payments.
As a business person in this community for several years, I urge all consumers to adamantly oppose the new car tax. This proposal is conservatively estimated to be a $900 million annual increase in taxes paid by North Carolina car buyers.
Now is not the time to add another tax onto North Carolina’s taxpayers.
ó Cyndie Mynatt
Editor’s note: Cyndie Mynatt is president of Ben Mynatt dealerships in Salisbury, Concord and Kannapolis.