Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fix immigration, but do it right way
Im writing this letter in regard to one of the biggest topics today, immigration. Let me start by saying that I am for immigration reform. I think immigrants should be allowed to come and strive for the American dream, just like we have the opportunity to do. But do it the right way. I agree with some of the new legislation that has been proposed that starts the path to legalization for some of the 12 million here, since they cant seem to find them anyway.
I agree with the wall and the more border patrol, also. The one question Ill leave with everyone is this: If America can go gallivanting all over the world sticking its political and religious nose in other countries business mainly ones that involve our interest, such as Iraq and oil wouldnt it also be in our interest to sit down with the Mexican government and somehow fix the biggest problem, which is that Mexicans want to be here instead of there?
I think anything is possible.
John Cannon
Costly proposal
Regarding the May 20 editorial on immigration reform:
It appears one major item concerning the proposed immigration bill has been overlooked. Economists have estimated that if this bill passes, it will cost each man, woman, and child in the country $30,000 just to cover the cost of allowing that many people to be legalized.
Its about time for our politicians and the news media to consider the people of this nation instead of always considering everyone else first.
Bobby Lawrence
Whats going on?
With the recent resignation of Chief Williams, the East Spencer Police Department now has only two full-time officers. Less then three years ago, the department employed six full-time officers and several part time. The Fire Department has recently been downgraded from paid staff to all volunteer status, and the public works department is almost non-existent. Whats happening?
If East Spencer residents need fire response, police assistance or a pothole fixed, they might have to get in line for these basic services.
On the bright side, East Spencer still employs Mayor Erma Jefferies, Town Administrator Richard Hunter, Town Clerk Alexis Greer, Zoning Director Kenneth Geathers, Director of Town Operations Adrian Smith, Dana Merk, a full-time receptionist, and two office assistants.
Bill Hamrick
Granite Quarry