Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another stand of trees
falls to development
Another one bites the dust. Once again, a developer stripped land on N.C. 150 (near Sherrills Ford Road). Trees that nature grew for 100 years, progress destroyed in a day.
When will citizens and county commissioners care enough about their town to stand up for what is right? Rowan County is 30 years behind in a tree ordinance to preserve our environment.
When will the rights of society be more important than the rights of an individual? Is allowing mutilation and destruction of Rowan County land part of the ongoing battle of … its my land and I will do whatever the heck I want. Doesnt matter what my neighbors think or how it affects them.
Come on, county commissioners and City Council, get a conscience and some guts !
Patricia Ribelin
No cause for revolt
Parents with children in Rowan public schools, please put away your torches and pitchforks and instead consider carefully House Bill 359, co-sponsored by Rep. Lorene Coates. According to the text, readily available on the General Assembly website, H359 simply seeks to allow local school boards to beg the State Board for a waiver on school start and end date restrictions, for a few specific educational purposes. It is not an assault on the sanctity of August.
While you are at it, peruse section 115C of the General Statutes and marvel at the breathtaking span and complexity of the General Assemblys control over the school system. One must really love government to appreciate section 115C-84.2(d), which sets the opening and closing dates!
H359 doesnt go far enough. Perhaps the local boards were being unreasonable because they were acting in the best interest of the students and were responding to parents who put education first. However critical I may be of the Rowan Board of Education on other matters, I can more easily believe in the integrity of those seven, locally elected, who need my vote, than of the General Assembly with its lobbyists, political dealing and gerrymandered districts.
Luke Hamaty
China Grove